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Could meditating for 4 minutes everyday change your life?

Rebekah Borucki says YES!

Which is why this mother of five, renowned Meditation and Yoga instructor, Birth Doula and Author of You Have 4 Minutes To Change Your Life is here to tell you how. Rebekah Borucki has struggled with anxiety for most of her life. At a young age she found meditation and has used it as a tool to helping her navagate life – even with five kids, writing a book and being the founder of Bexlife.com and The Blissed In Movement.

In today’s episode Bex is telling us more about her childhood, her experience with birth from baby number one to baby number 5, what it’s like being a doula and how you can find the best doula for you. She also talking about the biggest meditation issue people face – not having enough to meditate and how you can always find the time.

About Rebekah Borucki


Renowned Meditation and Yoga instructor Rebekah Borucki is on a mission. Affectionately called a ‘real-life superhero’ by her peers, “Bex” is known as the practitioner for peace of mind, and in her new book, You Have 4 Minutes to Change Your Life: Simple 4-Minute Meditations for Inspiration, Transformation and True Bliss, she explores highly effective methods to soothe life’s daily stressors with meditation. As a mom-of-five from New Jersey, who’s never lived in an ashram or been to a meditation retreat in India, Rebekah found her path to peace as a teenager with meditation and overcame her childhood trauma to build a life filled with purpose and success. She has taught meditation as a profound act of self-care that can be executed effortlessly and effectively to hundreds of thousands of individuals.