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Maternal Wellness Services: An Expectful Announcement

Dear Expectful Community, Writing this letter feels surreal to me. When I came onboard with Expectful, I had one major goal: to provide hopeful, expecting, and new moms with real, evidence-based support so that they can thrive in all the peaks and valleys of the motherhood journey… to go beyond the basics and offer something …


The Ultimate Pregnancy Gifts Guide: What To Get An Expectant Mom

Whether you’re looking for awesome baby shower gift ideas or want to buy your friend (or yourself) some super-helpful pregnancy gifts, we’ve got the ultimate expectant mom gift guide for you! With a little help from Little Scraps of Magic  founder, Montessori educator,, and mama Stepahnie Trzaska, we’ve compiled a few things we know every …


3 Tips on How to Lighten Your Mental Load

Whether you are preparing for your baby to enter the world, or you are holding your baby in your arms, you likely carry a hefty mental load. Motherhood comes with a slew of responsibilities accompanied by seemingly hundreds of thoughts swirling around in your head.  “Which crib is safest?” “When can I introduce baby formula?” …


The Science Behind Meditation in Fertility, Pregnancy, & Motherhood

Here at Expectful, our main goal is to make your experience of conception, pregnancy, and early motherhood easier and calmer. We want to help you develop the tools to deal with the unexpected when you’re expecting (and before and after). But we also don’t want to waste your time – it’s precious, just as the …


Breastfeeding Shockers: 5 Unexpected Truths to Seeking Lactation Help

Breastfeeding. There are few words that pack as much beauty, pressure, expectations, nourishment, and hard work. It’s an act that we see culturally represented as one experience (private, connected, natural, enjoyable, and convenient) while it’s often lived as another experience (difficult, disconnected, challenging, painful, and exhausting). Breastfeeding (and exclusively pumping) can be a wonderful, beautiful …


How Do I Get My Baby to Sleep? 5 Unexpected Truths for Pediatric Sleep

As a relatively new mom, there’s one phrase that I’ve either thought or said out loud more than any other over the past year of my life, and first year of my daughter’s life: Please, baby, go to sleep. Baby sleep is a tricky business. Some parents follow a strict schedule, some take the baby’s …


16 Unique New Mom Gift Ideas

Bringing a little one into the world creates new dynamics, a new family routine, and even a new role for mama. There’s no doubt the new little bundle of joy’s nursery is overflowing with mountains of new gifts, gadgets, clothes, and baby stuff. But that new mom in your life worked hard bringing the sweet …


5 Unexpected Truths You Need to Know About Postpartum Nutrition

When it comes to pregnancy, the rules around nutrition seem to zoom at us from every direction the second we post our pregnancy announcement. Our friends, our mothers-in-law, the internet… everyone seems to be an expert in a healthy pregnant experience. But what about nutrition after pregnancy? We are all aware that our bodies (and …


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