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image-expectful At Expectful, we see the tremendous impact that mental health and well being have on the journey to parenthood. To us, the mind-body connection isn’t just an idea — it’s the key to navigating the physical, mental and emotional aspects of every stage of parenthood from the moment you decide to conceive. With our evidence based meditation toolkit, we’re making it easier than ever to create health and well being through the power of mindfulness, and creating a world in which meditation is as common as prenatal vitamins.
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Mark Krassner


Meet the Founder

Mark Krassner is a 33-year-old unmarried man with no children and the unlikely founder of the fertility, pregnancy, and parenthood guided meditation app, Expectful.

Mark started the company as a tribute to his mom who struggled with anxiety and depression during his childhood after realizing mental health was the most neglected part of pre and postnatal care. It’s his mission to make meditation as common as prenatal vitamins within the next 5-years.

An entrepreneur of companies making the world a better place, Mark is the co-founder of Food for Thought Philippines, a not-for-profit that serves over 80,000 lunches to underserved elementary school children each year; the founder of Knee Walker Central, a company that manufactures and distributes a niche medical mobility device in the US; and sits on the board of, a not-for-profit resource for research on kindness and its effects on society.

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