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Powerful body. Powerful mind. Prepare for childbirth with your whole being.

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Hypnobirthing course

3 HR 30 MIN
Say hello to hypnobirthing. A birthing technique built on meditation, hypnosis, and relaxation tactics to mentally and physically prepare you for labor and whatever hurdles you may face in the process, from the expected to the unexpected. This immersive program teaches you key skills to overpower fear and anxiety, from mindful preparation, to partner inclusion, to birthing positions.
Melanie Bearne
Hypnotherapist & Hypnobirthing Instructor
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This birthing class comes with a 1-year subscription to Expectful.

Your Expectful membership includes:

Courses supporting birth prep, labor, and returning to work.
Daily and weekly prenatal meditations including tracks for labor and birth prep.
Live and on-demand classes & expert-led events for body + mind.
Access to 1:1 maternity wellness services with certified specialists.
Support groups to meet other expecting moms.
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