Live Events with Expectful.

Live Events with Expectful

Attend an intimate guided meditation or mindful movement class for the Expectful community, hosted by an Expectful Guide.

Live Events

Expert Insights

Pelvic Floor Office Hours

Wednesday, Aug 17 at 8PM EDT Marysa Warnhoff
60 Min - A pelvic floor support group and office hours session led by a physical therapist specializing in pelvic health. Join other expecting and new moms to get advice and support for pelvic floor questions! “Very informative and great tips for me to use as I progress through my last few weeks of pregnancy!”
Expert Insights

Newborn Sleep Office Hours

Friday, Aug 19 at 1PM EDT Steffi Edwin
60 Min - Join a weekly newborn sleep live Q&A led by a pediatric sleep specialist. Bring your questions about sleep, soothing, and schedules to have the answered by an expert. Or, simply listen in to learn more about newborn sleep as other members of the community ask questions about their baby's habits and patterns. “Thank you! Great advice and reassurance during a tough and amazing time”
Expert Insights

Lactation Office Hours

Monday, Aug 22 at 1PM EDT Rachel King
60 Min - A lactation support group and office hours session led by a lactation consultant for new moms. Get advice and support for all your nursing, pumping, and lactation questions! “So helpful!”
Expert Insights

Expectful & Medela: Your First Week Breasting

Monday, Aug 22 at 8PM EDT Jenny
Expectful and Medela team up for a live event to help you learn about breast milk composition, skin-to-skin care, positioning baby, getting a good latch, and nipple care from an IBCLC who has seen it all.
Expert Insights

Midwife Office Hours

Thursday, Aug 25 at 8PM EDT Gabrielle
60 Min - Is this normal? What questions should I be asking my provider? Does everyone feel this way? What do my options look like? If you've got questions like this but aren't sure where to turn for expert advice, get ready for Midwife Office Hours, a live weekly Q&A for practical advice, personalized education, and emotional support throughout pregnancy and postpartum. "The most valuable thing on this app by far. Thank you!"