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What is a Support Village?

Maternal support has been a custom in many cultures in generations past. In today's world, it's not so easy to come by. Cassie walks us through the situations we're faced with today that make support more difficult to come by, but assures us that we can in fact build a network that works for us.
Cassie Shortsleeve
Cassie Shortsleeve


Cassie Shortsleeve is a journalist, a perinatal health coach, and the founder of Dear Sunday, a digital platform for every stage of motherhood, from trying to conceive through toddlerhood. She's a regular contributor to Parents, What to Expect, Shape, and other national publications and is passionate about changing the way we talk about and prepare for matrescence. She is a mom to two daughters, Sunday and Fiona.
Chapter 1

How to Build a Support System