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Lia makes her living writing scripts, stories, and marketing materials for companies big and small--from Fortune 500 pharmaceuticals and e-learning companies to small scrappy start-ups, marketing, and graphic design firms. She currently lives in Seattle with her sweet husband and three kids in a home where there is never not a dishwasher to unload.

As a writer, Lia considers her job one of translation:

Ideas into feelings. Knowledge into inspiration.

After ten years (and three kids worth) of parenting, Lia is thrilled to be able to share some of her hard-knocks and quiet victories here at Expectful. Parenthood can be a lonely road, especially at first, and sharing stories builds the village. Every parent has stood where you stand, and they're all waving back at you, from a bit further down the road.

To read more of Lia’s work and ruminations on the creative process, visit her here. []

If you’d like to see some pictures of her ever-expanding repertoire of baked goods and accompanying kid stories, visit her here. []

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