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This Gift Is Scientifically Proven To Make Your Partner Happier

This Gift Is Scientifically Proven To Make Your Partner Happier

This Gift Is Scientifically Proven To Make Your Partner Happier Pregnancy

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Anna Gannon

Anna Gannon

May 27, 2018

Before I got pregnant with my daughter Annabell, I had a passionate, carefree and exciting marriage.

My husband and I went out on date nights during the week, partied with friends on the weekends, and spent Sunday’s doing what Sunday’s were created for, sleeping in.

And then I became a mom and it changed everything, including our relationship.

During postpartum, I wasn’t sleeping, had no energy and didn’t feel physically attractive or emotionally available. All of my attention went to my daughter which meant that everything else like my health and marriage went on the back burner.

As a result, I became stressed and overwhelmed and began taking out my frustration on my husband. Within just a few months into parenthood our romance faded, our communication stopped and our sex life was nonexistent.

Knowing that this was a recipe for disaster, I started looking for tools that would help me feel better about myself so I could show up as the partner and person I wished to be.

In my research, one thing kept popping up time and time again for managing my stress – meditation. Although I was hesitant about meditation because I had never tried it before, the benefits and science behind it were difficult to ignore; reduced stress, better sleep and a greater sense of happiness.

Desperate to find some calm, I decided to meditate everyday for 30 days to see if I noticed any change in my behavior.

To my surprise, after just a few days of meditating I began sleeping better, had more energy and in turn started feeling like myself again. The more I meditated, the happier I felt and that joy immediately spilled over into my relationship with my husband. Within a week or two after I started meditating we were laughing more, communicating openly and having sex again.

Through meditation I was able to find myself again and in turn, my husband again.

Although, there are numerous meditation apps you can try, I chose Expectful because their meditations are made specifically for women who are preparing to conceive, pregnant and new moms. Their motherhood meditations really spoke to the emotional side of what I was going through as a new parent and allowed me to find ease and calm in this time in my life.

If you’re interested in giving your partner the gift of happiness and helping her feel more grounded during motherhood, click here.

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Anna Gannon
Anna Gannon
Anna is a mother, writer, and a yoga and meditation teacher. Her work has been featured on The Huffington Post, MindBodyGreen and Yoga Today.