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A Note From Our CEO Turned Chief Listening Officer

A Note From Our CEO Turned Chief Listening Officer

As a man with no children, you might think I’m the least likely founder for a mama-driven-mission like Expectful .

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Mark Krassner

Mark Krassner

June 15, 2019

As a man with no children, you might think I’m the least likely founder for a mama-driven-mission like Expectful.

But believe me… I was literally born for this.

You see, my mother struggled with depression and anxiety during her pregnancy. She found plenty of guidance for nourishing her body, but none to nourish her mind. She raised a young boy while feeling tense and overwhelmed.

You won’t be surprised to learn that many years later, I faced my own mental health challenges. In looking for ways to manage my anxiety, I stumbled upon meditation… and my entire life changed.

In the blink of an eye, I saw major improvements in every area of my life— my professional and personal relationships, my physical health, and most importantly, my inner well-being.

In this newly-blissful state, I remembered how much my mom had suffered during pregnancy and early parenthood. Why wasn’t mindfulness a ready-made tool for mamas?

I scoured the internet, certain I would find an easy-to-use meditation tool for the uphill journeys of fertility, pregnancy, and parenthood. But none existed. Instead, what I found was a general neglect of women’s mental health.

So you’re right— I’m not the founder you expected. I’m also not the founder I expected. But that’s the mission behind Expectful: learning to lean into the unexpected and heal the world from the inside out.

At first, I felt timid as a male founder of a pregnancy company. But I needed to address this gaping hole in mental health. Now, I’m proud to tell the world through Expectful that nurturing the next generation is everyone’s business.

So allow me to introduce myself… as Expectful’s CEO-turned- Chief Listening Officer.

I am a champion of mental health for women and their families. It has been my greatest honor to assemble a team of diverse, powerful women who lend their voices to the Expectful community.

As a leader (and a man) I realized that I don’t always have to speak. Instead, I get to make room for other voices to be heard. What a privilege and a gift.

Right now, it’s my job to get out of the way and listen… just like I do in meditation.

And luckily, I’ve had a decade of practice.

Feel free to send a message and share what’s in your heart and on your mind. If you are a hopeful, expectant, or new parent, you can use your voice to help shape ours.

Mark Krassner
Mark Krassner