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How Meditation Helped Me Heal After Miscarriage

The big M word. The thing that nobody wants to talk about, the thing no one believes can happen to them. The thing that is so (relatively) common but oh so taboo. Miscarriage. It’s scary, it’s awful and it happened to me. Over two years ago, I had a miscarriage. I was one of the …


My Experience With Pregnancy After a Miscarriage

Being pregnant after having a miscarriage was one of the most beautiful and scariest experiences of my life. I felt waves of concern daily, often hourly, and did my best to manage my internal state. At times, I was successful and at other times, fear won. I was forced to sit with uncomfortable emotions and figure out …


I Think My Pregnancy Wasn’t Meant To Be

I miscarried during my first pregnancy at 16 weeks pregnant. That sentence is surprisingly easy for me to say now – much easier than it was for me to tell people, that first time, that I was pregnant. Every time I told someone I was pregnant, I’d immediately burst into tears. I thought it was …


Tools and Resources for Miscarriage and Pregnancy Loss

Last week, I thought I lost my almost 2-year old daughter. She woke up with a slight fever. I laid her down on the couch next to me, gave her Tylenol, and figured I’d let her rest until the doctor’s office opened in 45 minutes. So, I settled in next to her with my laptop, …

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