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Fertility Coach

A fertility coach can help you understand your next steps towards growing your family. From unassisted conception and balancing hormones to assisted reproductive technology like IVF, and even adoption or surrogacy a coach can help you explore all your options and get informed.

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According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), about 10 percent of women in the United States have difficulty getting pregnant or staying pregnant. During the period of trying and waiting and trying, seeing a fertility coach can be incredibly helpful to answer the questions that feel impossible to answer on your own. Having their expertise can help supplement the medical guidance from your physicians and give you extra personalized holistic support while navigating infertility.

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Did You Know?

Hormonal imbalance can affect important chemical signaling in the body and cause problems with ovulation. Working with a fertility coach to manage your hormones as well as anxiety can promote hormone balance, which may help you to conceive.


How a Fertility Coach Can Support You

While a physician ensures your reproductive biology is healthy, a fertility coach examines your particular situation from a holistic point of view. They’ll help you try to attain a regular cycle—and can even work alongside your doctor. If you’ve hit some fertility bumps, they’ll break down all the medical possibilities for infertility that your doctor has found and help you fill in ways you can optimize your fertility (and sanity) by offering counseling and an empathetic ear. 


A fertility coach can also help facilitate communication between you and your partner as well as family and friends who may not quite understand. Trying to conceive can be a very stressful time and being able to navigate relationships through more communication—or more boundaries—is key during this time. 


Fertility coaches are a mentor and cheerleader at what can feel like a lonely time. Many have been through their own struggles, so they can help advise and counsel through everything—from which route to proceed with to getting through the arduous two-week wait to even healing after a miscarriage or loss.


Additionally, a fertility coach will help you stay on track with a healthy lifestyle plan. This includes coping mechanisms, stress management techniques, and energy work.


Meet One of Our Experts

expectful Hi, I’m Nina.

I’m a certified fertility educator and reiki healer


It is truly a joy to see how empowered my clients feel when they gain a deep respect and understanding of their cycle again. I also love that my work helps women connect back to their intuition. We are so powerful it lights me up to help women remember their innate wisdom.


Support I offer: Cycle tracking, Hormone balancing, Energy healing



There are no regulations for fertility coaches in place, so it’s important to determine what you need from a coach. Some coaches are certified health coaches, life coaches, some may have a PhD in Chinese medicine, and others may hold a certification in fertility awareness.


Because of the diverse areas of expertise that fertility coaches can offer, it is important to choose a fertility coach that aligns with your particular needs, whether that’s balancing hormones or energy, navigating fertility treatments, or reconciling loss.


It varies. Some women and or couples meet with a fertility coach just once while others need a few follow-up visits for check-ins. If you’ve experienced loss or are going through a course of fertility treatments, it may be common to have regular visits with a fertility coach for ongoing support. 


When you are feeling overwhelmed by the contradictory advice out there or just want to feel more confident in your reproductive well-being, it’s probably time to call a fertility coach. Those who most benefit are those who are looking for personalized, non-judgemental support in:

  • Improving your health for fertility (energy, hormones, environment, habits)
  • Managing anxiety, stress, expectations
  • Feeling less alone when no one else understands
  • Reconciling relationships, boundaries, and communication
  • Developing coping and healing strategies for key moments (before/after embryo transfer, two-week wait, loss, test results)
  • Making key decisions, setting up goals and action plans

When you book an appointment with a fertility coach, you’ll complete a questionnaire so that your fertility coach can be oriented to your particular circumstances and be ready to answer your questions.  


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