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Support, education, and honest compassion—fertility coaches are a hopeful mom’s best friend.

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How a Fertility Coach can support you

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Balance hormones & improve your chances
Did you know that the CDC estimates about 12% of women have trouble conceiving? There are several reasons why this can happen, but many of those underlying issues have one thing in common: imbalanced hormones. Working with a fertility coach to promote hormone balance and healthy ovulation may help you to conceive.
Holistic help for a receptive mind, body—and spirit
There is a science-backed connection between stress and our ability to conceive. While that might feel like a trigger in and of itself, it’s also a tool you can use to your benefit. A fertility coach has proven practices and rituals to calming, connecting, and conditioning the mind and body, including coping mechanisms, stress management techniques, and energy work—all to benefit your conception journey.
Communication around the tough stuff
Talking with family and friends about your journey can be, well...uncomfortable. Sometimes they just don’t know what to say and how to show up in the ways you need. It can leave you feeling even more isolated and emotionally sore. An Expectful fertility coach not only holds space for you to feel all the feels, but they can also help you set boundaries and communication strategies with others.
Decisions, decisions, decisions
If the fertility journey has been anything but smooth sailing, you’ve likely encountered a few decisions that you wish you could talk through with someone else who just gets it. Our Expectful fertility coaches can help you navigate through decisions like seeking advanced medical help beyond your OB, choosing the right fertility clinic or doctor, undergoing IUI or IVF, freezing or not freezing embryos, beginning your first cycle or starting another. These decisions are a lot for any one person—or couple—to make on their own, so having a mediator can be invaluable.

Meet our Fertility Coaches:

  • Elizabeth King

    Elizabeth King

    infertility, IVF, IUI, LGBTQ+, surrogacy, miscarriage
    I AM A:
    Fertility Coach & Bereavement Coach
    I am invested in every client’s outcome, and I sincerely want them to get to their goal whatever that may be. That they know they have someone in their corner who gets them is priceless.
  • Nina Boyce

    Nina Boyce

    cycle tracking, hormone balancing, preparing to conceive, energy healing
    I AM A:
    Fertility Coach & Reiki Practitioner
    It is truly a joy to see how empowered my clients feel when they gain a deep respect and understanding of their cycle again. I also love that my work helps women connect back to their intuition. We are so powerful it lights me up to help women remember their innate wisdom.

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