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What if in changing the way we view time in regards to our fertility journeys, we could then change the way we treat ourselves while we go through it?

Sharon Praissman Fisher, a psychiatric nurse practitioner, Buddhist lay-teacher and author, is here to help us explore this question. After struggling with fertility herself, Sharon teamed up with her co-author Emma Williams to write their book, Beyond the Egg Timer, a guide to help women in their mid-30s and beyond through their fertility journeys.

On today’s episode, Sharon shares her own fertility journey, how she used Buddhist teachings to guide her perception of time throughout it, and why she believes that taking a step back and allowing space for ourselves as we walk our own unique paths, can help to reassure us that everything will all be okay.

About Sharon Praissman Fisher


Sharon Praissman Fisher is dually board certified as an Adult (medical) and Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner. She is also a wife, mother, Buddhist Lay teacher, and Chesapeake Bay sailor. She is passionate about helping women through all stages of their life and does so though her private practice, Nurtured Well, LLC, in Baltimore, MD. Ms. Fisher blogs at Beyondtheeggtimer.com, Nurtured-Well.com, and on Psychology Today.