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Therapeutic Cooking: Nourishment For Your Pre and Postnatal Mind & Body


Eating food felt so scary the moment I found out I was pregnant. I had no idea what I could / couldn’t eat and before every meal I would have my face buried in my iphone googling if it was ok or not to consume whatever was on my plate.

After awhile I got the hang of it, no sushi, no unpasteurized cheese, no alcohol, take it easy on the salt, one cup of coffee, etc.

But although I learned about all the things I couldn’t (or shouldn’t) eat, I never focused on the foods that were really beneficial for my growing baby and me. Looking back, I can see where this affected not only my body but my mind as well.  I struggled with fogginess, lack of focus at work and fatigue on a daily basis.

When I started breastfeeding, the same thing happened. I knew the “bad foods” but never researched about the ones that would help heal my body post birth, give my mind the fuel it needed and allow my new baby to thrive.

After realizing this, I spoke to a few pregnant women and new moms on Expectful and found out this is an ongoing theme. Although we want only the best for our baby’s health and our own, we are more concerned with eliminating the negative out of fear rather than increasing the positive.

When I noticed how common this is, I decided to bring on Holistic Nutrition Consultant & Educator, Tessa Mancini for our next Expectful Expert Chat.

Tessa specializes in teaching pregnant women and new moms how to nourish their bodies using real foods, herbs and spices. In this discussion, we will bring the prenatal and postpartum nutritional superstars into the kitchen and make some magic. Learn how to optimize your meals with easy tools that incorporate superfoods, herbs, and spices into your daily dishes with ease, enjoyment and satisfaction. We will merge the topics of brain development, bone re-mineralization, immune support, breast-milk production, and mental health with food alchemy that not only moms will enjoy, but support the whole family, one bite at a time.

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Anna Gannon


Anna is a mother, writer, and a yoga and meditation teacher. Her work has been featured on The Huffington Post, MindBodyGreen and Yoga Today. You can follow Anna on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

You can follow Anna on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

The Meditation and Sleep App for Fertility, Pregnancy and Parenthood

Trying to conceive can be a time filled with hope, and it can also be stressful and overwhelming.

We created Expectful’s library of fertility meditations to help you conceive and feel supported on your journey.

When practiced regularly, research shows that meditation can help you balance hormones and increase your chances of conception.

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