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Zia Sherrell, Masters in Public Health

Digital Health Writer

Zia Sherrell is a veteran in the realm of health journalism. With over a decade immersed in the health and wellness sphere, she’s explored a myriad of topics, from mental health conditions to infectious diseases and reproductive health.

Her in-depth analysis and dedication to compelling storytelling have propelled her writing to platforms including Healthline, Medical News Today, Very Well Health, and Business Insider. Beyond her bylines, Zia mentors new and upcoming writers to help them find their voice.

A graduate of the Manchester School of Public Health, Zia's foundation is not only built on journalistic prowess but also on rigorous academic grounding. This blend of scholarly insight and narrative flair gives her work an edge, making complex health topics accessible to readers of all backgrounds.

When Zia’s away from her desk, she's either chasing after her dogs, plotting her next global escapade, dabbling in ambitious baking endeavors, or savoring a perfectly brewed cup of tea.

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