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Marisa Iallonardo is a writer and editor who regularly covers health and parenting—including the intersection of the two. A longtime magazine editor turned freelancer, her work has been published in/on, Parents, Insider, KIWI, First for Women, and many other print and digital publications. She also works with brands, hospitals, and nonprofits, and has created content for the American Cancer Society, Northwell Health, Haagen Dazs, Huggies, Warby Parker, and more.

As a mom of two—hello, two c-sections!—she loves being able to write about parenthood, from trying to conceive to pregnancy to postpartum, and beyond. These days, she lives with her family in a colorful fixer-upper outside NYC and is loving re-watching the original Full House, in its entirety, with her now elementary schoolers.

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