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Bailey Julio

Art Director + Stylist

Bailey Julio is a professional art director and stylist represented in Los Angeles, Chicago, and along the East Coast. With a career spanning television, commercial, and print advertisement shoots, Bailey has worked with a diverse range of celebrity and corporate clients, including Amazon, Samsung, and Hasbro, who have utilized her creative direction.

While known for her artistic talents, Bailey's life is also enriched by her experiences in motherhood. Before her career on set, she volunteered as a caregiver at an orphanage in Mexico, where she cared for over 100 children and preteens and served as a foster parent to three young, malnourished children. Following this, Bailey became a stepmother and then a biological mother to two children.

Recently, Bailey and her family of five made a cross-country move from the city of Los Angeles to a much smaller Midwest town where she balances her passion for raising children with her commitment to art and design, working both remotely and through travel. Art remains a central part of their family life as they create and make art as a family in the Midwest.

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