How Meditation Helped Me Heal After Miscarriage

How Meditation Helped Me Heal After Miscarriage

It is widely known that meditation and guided relaxation helps to calm the nervous system. Find out how meditation helps after a miscarriage.

Written By

Anna Gannon

July 29, 2018

The big M word. The thing that nobody wants to talk about, the thing no one believes can happen to them. The thing that is so (relatively) common but oh so taboo. Miscarriage. It’s scary, it’s awful and it happened to me.

Over two years ago, I had a miscarriage. I was one of the healthiest people that I knew and it didn’t seem like that should or could happen to me…it only happened to other people. People who didn’t practice and teach yoga, surely not marathoners or those that thoughtfully nourish their bodies with fruits and veggies.  I felt like my body betrayed me. I simply ached and needed to retreat within to deal with the storm of thoughts swirling around inside.

To say the very least, the experience was very humbling. I know now that my body did not betray me; this was just something that happened. With a bit of perspective, obsessive reading of Pema Chadron and some serious meditation, I reached a point of serenity and acceptance. Miscarriage is so much more common than I knew and it wasn’t until I starting talking openly, that I realized how many mamas have had similar experiences.

Aside from my incredible husband, meditation was my primary anchor throughout the miscarriage . Meditation can mean different things to different people. For me, sometimes it means sitting quietly in an incense filled room with my eyes closed, while other times it means reciting a single word and sometimes it takes the form of a moving meditation. To cope with my miscarriage, I used all three. When the thoughts inside were too loud, I got quiet. I retreated within to process and truly feel. I would sit in silence, usually with my dog in my lap, and feel what came up. Very often, there was a word or phrase that would rise to the top of my emotional pile. I acknowledged the feeling, got comfortable with it and then let it go. I would form a visual of what this emotion looked like, how it made me feel and then breathe it out. Sometimes this took multiple meditations and sometimes it happened within a few minutes. I just got quiet and listened.

I let myself fall apart. I allowed myself to sit with this pain not run from it. If I felt like crying, I cried. If I felt like going for a run and pounding out the pain, I did that (and I did a lot of that!). If I didn’t feel like talking about, mum was the word. Somebody wise once told me to have a cup of tea with my pain…so I did. I explored the root causes of my pain and I was surprised by what I found. I firmly believe that it was this falling apart that allowed me to create a more beautiful reality post miscarriage. There is a certain amount of power that comes from allowing yourself to fully feel what you are experiencing. For me, it was the only way I could move on.

Flash forward two years and so much has changed. Our daughter Tallulah’s laughter fills our happy home and every single day is a grand adventure with her around. The peace that I have about the miscarriage is largely due to her presence and my daily meditation practice. Having a miscarriage made me a more considerate person. It made me carefully chose my words and be selective with my energy. It humbled me. It hurt me. In some ways, having a miscarriage prepared me for motherhood and in other ways, it scarred me. I feel so much gratitude for our little ray of light that even the hardest moments warm my heart. I cherish the mundane and reveal in the magic.

Anna Gannon