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A Man In A Mother’s World

When is the last time you bewildered someone with a fact about yourself?  For me it was yesterday, when I told a new friend what I do for a living.  As the unmarried, male, childfree founder of a meditation app for pregnant and new moms, this happens all the time.  Sometimes I’m met with skepticism, …


A Home Birth Story

One of my first challenges as a mother was going back to work. The process of hiring a babysitter was terrifying. I never wanted an employee in my home, I wanted someone who felt like an extension of the family and would shower my baby Kiran with as much love as I do. Enter the …


My Fertility and IVF Journey

My fertility journey has been rough. Part of me longs for the “normal” journey to baby that I’ve heard so many women go through, but the deeper I get into this world of IVF, infertility, and now pregnancy, I fully realize there is no “normal.” My fertility story began at the age of 36. I …


IVF: Everything You Need to Know

Every day, new parents like you share their experiences using Expectful while TTC. More and more, we’ve been hearing from moms who have conceived using IVF and hopeful parents who are considering or starting fertility treatments. Information about fertility science can empower you, no matter where you are in your TTC journey. To better understand …


Returning to Work As A New Mom: The Fifth Trimester

I ordered a jumbo-size box of Huggies while waiting on an elevator at work. It was 6:15 in the morning. I had used the last diaper in a massive four am diaper blowout two hours prior.  I leaned my head against the wall and closed my eyes as I ran through the never-ending to-do list …


My 20-Week Ultrasound: Finding Patience and Presence

I was in a downward dog yoga pose wiggling back and forth, trying to shift the position of my daughter Macklyn in utero. She was being stubborn, refusing to cooperate, making it seemingly impossible to see her on the monitor in front of us. It was my 20-week anatomy scan. A doctor and nurse had …


Moms Who Inspire: Bryn Huntpalmer

The first time I listened to The Birth Hour, a podcast that serves as a place for women to share their childbirth stories, I was immediately struck by how much it made me feel at home. The birth story of the woman who was being interviewed was so captivating, honest and raw, and I felt as …


Pregnancy and the Pelvic Floor: Everything You Need to Know

From concerns about potential injuries to how to prepare your pelvic floor for childbirth, women are unsure about where to turn for reliable information about pregnancy and the pelvic floor.  We connected with Sonia Reiter, an occupational therapist specializing in pelvic floor therapy and a prenatal yoga instructor, to take a deep dive into everything …

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