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If you’re a hopeful, soon-to-be, or new parent… you probably have a lot on your mind. You wonder how your baby will grow up, and the world your baby will grow up in. The good news is, practices like meditation can help you shape both. Expectful was designed with your mind in mind. With the largest library of meditation and sleep content for fertility, pregnancy, and parenthood, our app is your trusted companion on one of life’s most challenging and beautiful transformations.
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Mission & Vision

Expectful exists to heal the world from the inside out, one family at a time. We do this by providing hopeful, expectant, & new families with the tools they need to nurture their mental and emotional health.

The Expectful Family

Mark Krassner

Founder + Chief Listening Officer

Mark created Expectful to listen and respond to the needs of hopeful, pregnant, and new parents. Every day, he gets to learn about meditation and motherhood from Expectful’s diverse community of powerful women. When he isn’t brainstorming new ways to educate and empower families, Mark can be found meditating on his couch wrapped in a cozy blanket, searching for surfing spots, or munching on blueberries and sprouted pumpkin seeds with a pinch of sea salt. He lives in Brooklyn with his partner Ilana and their ever-growing plant collection.

Anisah Amat

Head of Community

Anisah is a writer and self-love advocate living in Denver, Colorado, with her partner and her daughter, Nyla. She discovered Expectful while pregnant, which helped her drink in every sweet, fleeting moment with her baby. She encourages Expectful users to give themselves the well-deserved love and goodness that they so effortlessly give to others. When she isn’t empowering others, Anisah can be found meditating, curled up in bed with her journal, reading with her daughter, snacking on kiwis, strawberries and pineapple, or daydreaming about an overwater bungalow in the Maldives.

Michelle Berninger

Head of Operations

Michelle is a birth and postpartum doula. She is Expectful’s go-to guru on inclusive, body-positive, and LGBTQ+ affirming advice and information. She hopes to bring Expectful users more inner confidence to weather the ups-and-downs of parenthood. When she isn’t helping families, Michelle can be found listening to podcasts, taking long strolls, or indulging in her favorite snack: salt and vinegar chips. She lives in Brooklyn with her wife and their two adorable rescue dogs, Ginger and Honey.

Alex Dukas

Chief Technology Officer

Originally from Corfu Island, Greece, Alex now lives in Astoria with his wife Maria and his son, Chris. He hopes Expectful helps users realize that everything will be okay, and supports them when they feel it’s not. When he isn’t dreaming up new ideas for Expectful, Alex can be found meditating, listening to music, planning road trips for his family, or munching on jicama with salt and lemon. His favorite pastime is watching funny videos with his son... which means listening to Chris’ giggle and watching him tear up with laughter.

Caterina Seixas

Social Media Lead

Cat lives on a homestead in central Portugal, with her partner, her daughter, a flock of chickens, a rooster, two dogs, a cat and occasionally the neighbors’ donkey. She loves doing household activities with her daughter— whether that’s visiting the chicken coop, creating nature journals, or tending to the garden together. Her favorite spot to meditate is atop a large boulder facing the sunrise, before wandering back through her garden for an earth-made snack. Through Expectful, Cat hopes to show parents that, just as a plant knows how to breathe and reach for the sun, parents also have an inner wisdom that will help them navigate parenthood.

Max Friedman

Data Lead

Max is Expectful’s data wizard. He wants to spread happiness and health to hopeful, soon-to-be, and new parents through the Expectful app. A cherished memory from Max’s own childhood includes his beloved homemade stuffed animal, Tigger. When he isn’t crunching numbers for Expectful, Max can be found feasting on milk and cookies, or daydreaming about a vacation to Bora Bora. He currently lives in Berlin, Germany with his girlfriend, and— fingers crossed— a new dog.

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