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Why Self-Care Is Important For Moms

Everything Changes When You Have A Child For as long as I can remember, I dreamt of being a mom. I had visions of life as a stay at home mom and feeding, holding and loving my future children circling my mind for years before my first son Daniel was born. Then, in the early …


The Importance Of Self-Care For Moms

When I was eight years old my parents divorced. My mom who had spent the last 17 years being a stay at home mom to seven children had to start working three jobs just to make ends meet. As time passed I remember her health deteriorating because she was putting all of her focus on …


Motherhood Lesson #987: Worry is a Misuse of Imagination

Near the end of summer my husband and I were on a morning walk, our 5-month-old daughter strapped to my chest in her carrier. We were probably talking about something baby related (as we do) and I was looking down in awe at my daughter’s face (again, it’s what we do) as she started to …


How To Trust Your Body During Fertility

For half of my life, I’ve worked against my body instead of with it. In my teenage years, my body was the main source of my unhappiness. I hated my athletic build and yearned to be petite like all of my friends. In my 20’s, I blamed my body when I lost my period for …


Doctors Need to Do More for Pregnancy and Parenthood Mental Health

You’ve probably heard lots of talk about the mind/body connection, but what about the mind/baby connection? Research shows that during pregnancy, a baby’s mental and physical health is strongly influenced by it’s mother’s emotional state. After birth, and especially in the first three years, the emotional well-being of both parents are foundational to a child’s …

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