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Why I Was Scared To Leave Home With My Newborn, And How I Overcame It

After my daughter Frances was born, it took me several weeks to get out of the house. I had worked myself into such a frenzy over the possibility of viruses leaping through the air and into my daughter that the only place I felt comfortable taking her socially was a cafe in the woods where …


Finding Trust and Acceptance In Your Postpartum Body

I can’t think of any other time in my life where I received more looks and comments on the shape and changes of my body than when I was pregnant and a new mom. As a dietitian, I felt pressure to not gain too much weight and to also be on top of immediately losing …


How to Improve Your Pregnancy in 10 Minutes a Day

The most difficult part of my pregnancy didn’t have to do with the physical changes of my body, it had to do with the emotional ups and downs of my worried mind. Each day of pregnancy brought up different challenges. One day I would feel anxious about making sure I was eating the right foods …


This Gift Is Scientifically Proven To Make Your Partner Happier

Before I got pregnant with my daughter Annabell, I had a passionate, carefree and exciting marriage. My husband and I went out on date nights during the week, partied with friends on the weekends, and spent Sunday’s doing what Sunday’s were created for, sleeping in. And then I became a mom and it changed everything, …

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