Hi, this is Mark, the founder of Expectful – a company that makes it easy for expectant and new moms to meditate during pregnancy. I started Expectful as a tribute to my mom who suffered from anxiety during pregnancy and early motherhood.

Research suggests that improved pre and postnatal care can be the key to unlocking massive wins in social inequality and population health. One of great opportunities to do that is by enhancing mental and emotional well-being during pregnancy and early motherhood.

Right now, there are over 250 expectant and new moms reporting amazing experiences on our MVP platform, and two of them were so passionate about their experience that they joined our team.

We’ve already raised a small angel round, we have paying customers, and are getting ready to raise our seed round.

We’re in search of an exceptionally talented technical strategist and full stack engineer that can lead the development and deployment of our mobile and web platforms, determine our technical infrastructure, and lay the foundation for a much more robust offering that goes beyond meditation as we scale.

• Work closely with our technical advisors and personally plan, develop, and deploy the entire initial version of the platform
• Build and lead a the team that will continue development under your leadership
• Work side by side with Mark, and be deeply involved in technical & non-technical strategic decisions
• Maintain the entire Expectful technical infrastructure

• Architecting and developing highly scalable full stack web and mobile applications capable of viral growth and high traffic surges
• Track record of truly agile development. We’ll be doing short sprints, just in time design, and frequently incorporating direct user feedback into the development cycle
• Experience leading development teams and managing technical assets
• Commitment to TDD and high code coverage, this must be bullet proof

Compensation: Competitive salary and motivating equity options.

We are located in Williamsburg, Brooklyn off of the Bedford Avenue L train stop, and are open to remote work as well.

What’s Next?
Send a message in your own human voice to [email protected], and tell me – what excites you about Expectful? Why do you think you would be a perfect fit for our team? Please include a resume, github (if you have one), and links to projects you’ve worked on.