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  • Prenatal Nutrition Appointment

    $150 for 75 minutes
    The do’s and don’ts of what to eat during pregnancy are long, but what do they mean for your unique journey? In this appointment with a perinatal nutrition expert, learn the best food—and supplement sources—that support a growing baby. You'll gain tips on managing fatigue, nausea, and heartburn, as well as best guidelines for how to eat for 1+. Committed to a nourished pregnancy? Or have specific dietary preferences, restrictions, or autoimmune conditions that don’t fit the mold of the typical “pregnancy diet” recommendations? This is for you.
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  • 3-4 Month Infant Sleep Appointment

    $125 for 60 minutes
    Are you on the precipice of baby’s first real sleep progression? Learn how to navigate the 3-4 month transition in which baby starts to develop regular sleep and feeding patterns—and gentle sleep shaping becomes possible. In this appointment with a certified pediatric sleep consultant, get an age-specific action plan for daytime and nighttime sleep routines that aligns with baby's sleep needs with your own parenting sleep philosophy and sleep goals. More sleep for you is just around the corner!
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  • Newborn Lactation Appointment

    $165 for 90 minutes
    Is baby eating enough? Gaining enough weight? How’s my supply? Should my nipples hurt this much? If I need to supplement, where do I even begin? Feeding your baby is a complicated journey. In this session with an IBCLC, you’ll discuss your feeding goals, have your baby's latch assessed, and a feeding observed. Together, you'll come up with the best plan forward for nourishing your baby while keeping you healthy, too.
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  • Fertility Planning Appointment

    $75 for 50 minutes
    Trying to decide the next steps to take in the family-building process? Should I reach out to a fertility clinic? Should I go through another cycle? Whether you are just embarking on the journey or been at it for a few years, in this session with a fertility coach, you'll gain wisdom, guidance, and support in overcoming the emotional and logistical challenges of trying to conceive. Together, you'll come up with a personalized plan to move forward with your family-building goals with a positive-mindset even more empowered and informed. This is best suited for those who are considering or actively pursuing fertility preservation efforts like egg or embryo freezing, or fertility assistance like IUI and IVF.
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    • Prenatal Nutrition Appointment
    • 3-4 Month Infant Sleep Appointment
    • Newborn Lactation Appointment
    • Fertility Planning Appointment
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      Of course it is possible these days to join online groups or Google things when I have new mama questions, but knowing there was a specific expert I could ask my questions to really made me feel more confident and that I was getting the personalized answers and support I needed.

      Carolyn B., new mom

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      The service was worth the money—to get personal, simplified advice. Don’t waste your time stressing and spinning your wheels trying to figure it out when you can have a relatable expert lay it out for you.

      Morgan S., new mom

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      I was struggling with an inadequate milk supply, and I needed HELP! As a first time mama, I was so overwhelmed with supplementing and infant weight gain. Our appointment with Morgan was integral to our breastfeeding journey! We truly went over so much, I couldn’t imagine where we would be without her suggestions! Morgan even reminded me that every drop of breast milk I could give my daughter is given with love! I have made peace with topping up! I couldn’t recommend Morgan enough! Thank you, again!!

      Meg C., new mom

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      I left my session with Janine feeling informed, relieved, and empowered. I made the appointment with a specific health goal in mind: to set myself up as best as possible for good mental health postpartum. Janine was so well prepared for that conversation! She was reassuring while simultaneously giving me a ton of fantastic information that I had never previously been exposed to. More than just suggesting various alterations and additions to my diet, though, Janine also checked in about my lifestyle generally, including asking about how my family would feel about making the changes we'd discussed together. It felt clear that she could help me truly thrive postpartum—by both supplying the appropriate nutritional information and helping me prepare supportive habits. A huge "thank you" to Expectful for giving me that great experience!

      Jill M., expecting mom

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      I thought it was very helpful to have an easy one on one session with an expert instead of reading information online! Having someone listen to my exact experience made all the difference!

      Lauren M., new mom

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      It’s easy to get help

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      • Morgan Jackson, BSN, RN, IBCLC

        Morgan Jackson, BSN, RN, IBCLC

        prenatal to postpartum feeding, pumping/returning to work
        I AM A:
        International Board-Certified Lactation Consultant
        I prioritize listening to each parent's needs and welcoming her vision for her feeding goals while empowering her with evidence-based resources so that she can make informed decisions.
      • Janine Higbie, MS, CNS

        Janine Higbie, MS, CNS

        PCOS, gestational diabetes, expecting and new moms
        I AM A:
        Certified Nutrition Specialist
        I approach nutrition with an empathy for your individual experience and needs, stacking small, manageable habit changes that together lead to powerful transformations in your health and wellbeing.
      • Elizabeth King

        Elizabeth King

        infertility, IVF, IUI, LGBTQ+, surrogacy, miscarriage
        I AM A:
        Fertility Coach & Bereavement Coach
        I am invested in every client's outcome, and I sincerely want them to get to their goal whatever that may be. That they know they have someone in their corner who gets them is priceless.
      • Unnati Patel, MPH

        Unnati Patel, MPH

        gentle approaches to sleep shaping in the first year
        I AM A:
        Pediatric Sleep Consultant
        My care philosophy is uniquely holistic, balancing the sleep needs of the child with the mental and emotional needs of the parents. I integrate tips to improve parents' well-being into every plan, recognizing that parents need to care for themselves before caring for their children.

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