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At Expectful, we see the tremendous impact that mental health has on the journey to motherhood. We’re on a mission to build a highly effective, low cost, and easily accessible tool to help soon-to-be and new moms navigate physical, mental and emotional aspects of every stage of reproductive journey with research-backed results.
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Expectful is the Mental Health App for Fertility, Pregnancy, & Motherhood

We offer the world’s largest library of guided meditations and evidence-based resources made for hopeful, expecting, and new moms. Our app provides a non-pharmacalogic, low cost solution for reducing prenatal and postpartum stress while improving outcomes for moms and babies.

I truly believe in the power of mindfulness, and I believe in Expectful’s mission. I stand by this app 100%.

Dr. Keith Eddleman, Director of Obstetrics Mount Sinai medical center


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