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Hi there,

Let me say upfront that my heart is full just knowing that you’ve landed on this page.

As a podcast listener, you’ve probably heard me speak about how Expectful’s guided meditations transformed not only my pregnancy, but my life when I was expecting my daughter Annabell back in 2015.

In short, their meditations are why I am where I am today. They are what helped me in stepping outside of my overly stressed, exhausted, and overwhelmed world and into my new current world, one that’s filled with joy, connection, self-discovery and presence.

Now, after meditating for over three years and seeing how much it’s changed the way I show up for my daughter, myself and my partner, I couldn’t think of a better gift to be able to share with you.

Which is why in clicking the link below, you’ll receive an exclusive 30 day free trial to Expectful. Simply as a thank you from me to you, for being not only a part of our podcast family, but an important part of our future, as the next generation of parents to bring new life into the world.

P.S. Note that this offer is only available on iOS, so please click the link from your iOS device to redeem.

START MY EXTENDED 30-DAY FREE TRIAL $9.99 Per Month After Your Free Trial. Cancel Anytime.

With love,

Anna Gannon


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