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How can we use meditation to reduce the stress involved in the process of trying to conceive?  

This question is something that today’s guest, Emily Watson learned through her own experience with infertility. Emily is a fertility wellness coach that supports women in taking control of their health as they navigate their fertility.

On today’s episode, Emily walks us through her experience with discovering her own wellness practice, her struggles with infertility, and her journey through IVF and now, pregnancy.


About Emily Watson


Emily Watson is a fertility wellness coach and founder of Nestwell by Emily. Based in Westchester, NY, she works with women and couples locally and remotely on their fertility journey, whether they are planning to get pregnant, struggling to conceive, or preparing to freeze their eggs.

Emily has been immersed in the wellness world for several years, first in dentistry (yes, she filled cavities!), then as a health coach, yoga instructor, and contributing writer. When she and her husband struggled to get pregnant, she began to question her own approach to wellness and what being “healthy” really meant. It also challenged her perception of what a modern day motherhood journey looked like.

Diving deep into the scientific research and the world of alternative therapies, she started to put the pieces together for how to best optimize her fertility through nutrition, sleep, self-care, and mindset, while also seeking help and treatment from fertility specialists.
It was during this journey that she met countless other women sharing in her struggle, feeling isolated, alone, and confused.

She realized that her background and training, newfound knowledge and experience gave her a unique perspective and toolkit in which to connect with these other women. Recognizing the vulnerable place many women find themselves in by the time they reach out to her, Emily is honored to educate, guide, support, and empower them in any way she can, and more importantly, to help them find peace in their own journey and trust their bodies.

Now, 22 weeks pregnant through IVF, she’s navigating the pregnancy road. This time, however, she’s not going at it alone, surrounding herself with doulas, other pregnant women, moms, and motherhood coaches to make this process as empowering and enriching as it can be from the beginning.

It is her dream that every woman get the support they need throughout any stage of the motherhood journey.
When Emily is not deep into the fertility world, she’s whipping up something in the kitchen, exploring the outdoors, or wandering the aisles of her local library with her husband.