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What if people who have been through the fertility road could tell you everything they learned along the way?

This is a question that today’s guest, Jake Anderson and his wife Deborah asked themselves when they hit their own roadblocks throughout their fertility process.

After going to a few clinics themselves without much luck, Jake and Deborah decided that the best way they could navigate next steps was by asking other patients to review their own experiences. This mini experiment is what led them to their ideal clinic, and eventually to the conception of their now 16 month old son. In an effort to help more couples throughout this process they together founded Fertility IQ – A place where patients and doctors contribute all the fertility information you need to make the best decisions for you.

On today’s episode we’ll be learning more about Jake and Deborah’s journey, what problem they are wishing to solve in the fertility space, and why they are so passionate about expanding this mission to as many patients as possible.

About Jake


I was a Partner at the venture firm Sequoia Capital and before that I went to Duke and Harvard. I am a die-hard fan of Game of Thrones and Terry Gross (yes, THAT Terry Gross).