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Am I Getting Enough Folate? Why it’s Important During Pregnancy and How to Test

If you’re pregnant or trying to become pregnant, you’ve probably heard it once or twice (or a million times over): you need to get enough folate in pregnancy. Folate, also called “B-9,” is a vitamin that helps with many key processes in the body, including cell growth and DNA formation. You can find it in …


10 Signs and Symptoms of Pregnancy (Plus Our Favorite Pregnancy Test to Prove it!)

When you’re trying to conceive, every little twinge or sensation in your body has you wondering…is this it? A little queasy after lunch? Pregnant. Moody and short with your partner? Pregnant. We’ve been there: anxious, hopeful, and confused about what’s actually going on and what it all means. “Are the feelings I’m feeling pregnancy symptoms?” …


Prenatal Vitamins & Supplements: The Ultimate Checklist From an OB-GYN

It’s been advised, time and time again: begin taking a high-quality, complete prenatal vitamin supplement as soon as you start thinking about conception. Why? To put it simply, when you become pregnant, your growing baby pulls from your nutrient storage to develop everything from fingers to heart to spinal cord. So, needless to say, you …


It’s Okay to Have Gender Disappointment: Here’s How to Deal, From a Therapist

It’s your 20-week ultrasound, and you’re so excited to get a glimpse of your baby. And with such a close look at their anatomy, you are about to find out the sex! The sonographer carefully explains all of the wavy gray shapes on the screen, pointing out your baby’s brain, spine, and heart. And finally, …


A Doula’s Guide to Using Birth Affirmations

Curious about how birth affirmations can help you prepare for labor?  As you move through your pregnancy, you’re probably looking for ways to prepare your body and mind for your labor and delivery experience.  As a doula, I help pregnant people identify and practice the tools and coping techniques that they want to use during …


Pregnant with PCOS: What You Need to Know About Diet and Lactation

Women with PCOS have heard it before: a common side effect of this syndrome is infertility. Some women with PCOS are able to become pregnant on their own, others may need to seek fertility assistance (like IUI or IVF), and still others are hoping and praying every day for a positive pregnancy test. When a …


Postpartum Diet & Nutrition: 5 Foods You Should Be Eating as a New Mom

Many of us know we should try to eat a healthy diet during pregnancy, but did you know that what we eat after birth is equally as important? Our postpartum diet should be handled with as much care. Taking in adequate nutrients to aid recovery and nourish breastmilk in those early days can make a …


Lactation Expert Explains How to Make Pumping at Work… Work

Returning to work after parental leave is challenging for any parent—you’re balancing baby life with work meetings, sleep regressions with spreadsheets and shift schedules. And if you’re breastfeeding, throwing pumping in the mix can create a bigger challenge. Whether you’ve been exclusively breastfeeding, exclusively pumping, or combo feeding, there will probably be a bit of …


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