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Have you ever struggled with answering the question – “What do you do?”

Today’s guest, Rachel Maskell has, and she’s here to start a bigger conversation around it.

As the podcast host and founder of MUMBOSS, Rachel has spent years diving into what it means to be a woman, a mother and a person walking on the path of self-discovery and exploration. On today’s episode Rachel is speaking about her personal experience with motherhood, her interest in the heroine’s journey and how it relates to becoming a mother, and why she believes it’s time for women to step into their true selves.

About Rachel


Rachel Monique Maskell believes deeply in the healing art of story medicine. It’s through living and sharing our truth we become whole and can help others. Her personal journey has been about redefining domesticity while traveling and living somewhat nomadically for several years with her husband and daughter.

Rachel believes wholeheartedly in the philosophy shared by Joseph Campbell to “follow your bliss.”

Through that lens her passion has been to explore motherhood, divine feminism, and what it means to be the BOSS of our lives. Her biggest question she tackles daily is how to show up for everyone and everything else without losing sight of herself in the process.