avatar Anna Gannon Editorial Lead at Expectful

How can we use meditation as a tool through challenging times in life and motherhood?

This question is something that today’s guest, Ashleigh Abramovici found through her own life experiences. Meditation has guided her through some of her most challenging times and has inevitably brought her to become a yoga and meditation teacher herself, along with a dōTERRA wellness advocate and a future Doctorate of Psychology..

On today’s episode, Ashleigh walks us through how she found meditation, her struggles with getting pregnant, and her journey with asking for support during motherhood.

About Ashleigh Abramovici


Artist, mama, dōTERRA wellness advocate, writer, meditation, yoga instructor and future Doctorate of Psychology - Ashleigh has practiced yoga for 17 years, is a 500HR certified Strala Yoga instructor and has been guiding yoga and meditation in groups, privately and on retreat since 2014. She collaborates with the company Expectful, writing meditations for women trying to conceive and pregnant.

Ashleigh shares a system of meditation accessible to everyone regardless of experience or background. She loves to explore the psychological and neurological understandings of meditation and has studied with a variety of teachers for 10 years. She is an advocate for physical, mental and emotional health and wellness and has a passion for sharing natural solutions. Lover of essential oils, Ashleigh's mission is to bring essential oils to as many households as possible and empower others and the team of women she partners with, to integrate and partner with the oils for emotional, spiritual and physical healing and support.