avatar Anna Gannon Editorial Lead at Expectful

How do the struggles we encounter in fertility, pregnancy, and motherhood impact how we identify with ourselves?

This question is something that today’s guest, Marissa Thomas experienced, not only through her motherhood journey, but her life’s journey as well.

On today’s episode, Marissa speaks about the struggles of finding her personal identity in childhood as someone who is mixed race. And she shares her own fertility and PCOS journey and how she’s navigating her shifting identity as a now, new mom.


About Marissa Thomas


Marissa is a wife and mother based out of Seattle. Her journey towards motherhood was filled with many ups and downs, as her PCOS made conceiving challenging. Upon getting pregnant, Marissa discovered the importance of surrender and trust during life and love. Since giving birth, she has grown more fascinated with the power of the mother and creating a community of strong, empowered mothers.
She graduated with a BA in Psychology and was working towards her masters in Integrative Health Studies. Marissa has a passion for health and wellness, food, yoga and art.