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Could self-resilience and support play big roles in your fertility?

Reproductive Endocrinologist, Dr. Jaime Knopman and Dr. Sheeva Talebian say yes.

Friends for twenty years and colleagues for ten, Dr. Knopman and Talebian truly believe in the power of perseverance and positivity when it comes to fertility. Both work together at CCRM NY – a center located in New York City and created for women and families experiencing challenges with conception. Through their work, Jaime and Sheeva found that what individuals and couples really need during their reproductive journeys is to feel empowered and educated. Which is why they started their blog – Truly MD, where they share honest, direct and digestible medical advice for people who are trying to conceive.

On today’s episode, Jaime and Sheeva are speaking about what they wish people knew before walking into their office, how IVF works and why your emotional well-being matters throughout your fertility process.

About Dr. Jaime Knopman and Dr. Sheeva Talebian


Jaime M Knopman M.D. and Sheeva Talebian M.D. are board-certified obstetrician gynecologists and reproductive endocrinologists with years of experience treating couples and individuals with infertility in the tri-state area. Jaime is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania and Sheeva, Columbia University. Both attended medical school at the Mount Sinai School of Medicine here in NYC. They currently are partners at CCRM NY where they specialize in the treatment of infertility, irregular periods, and fertility preservation. As fitness enthusiasts, they incorporate their passion for exercise into their practice, breaking down the myths related to fertility and pregnancy.

Jaime and Sheeva understand that entering the world of fertility and pregnancy can sometimes be confusing and frightening. To help address these concerns, they founded Truly, MD (truly-md.com), a website designed to help patients navigate the complexities of fertility treatment and reproductive health. By providing an honest and no-nonsense platform to female health, they embolden women to make informed and confident decisions about their personal lifestyles.