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Could stepping into our fear help us be better mothers and humans?

Juanita Galvis believes so and is here to share how moving towards fear has transformed how she lives her life and how she mothers her three sons.

Juanita is the Head of Social Impact Advocacy and Impact Travel for The Assemblage in New York City.

On today’s episode, Juanita is taking us on a journey through how a trip to Greece led to her helping refugees and a chance encounter with a woman there transformed her life’s purpose forever. She’s also speaking about how mothering three boys at all different stages of her life has given her great insight into who she is and who she wishes to become.

About Juanita Galvis


Juanita Galvis is the Head of Social Impact Advocacy and Impact Travel for The Assemblage, a community that believes society can transition from one defined by individual to one of interconnectedness. After 5 years in the stock market and 4 in real-estate development, she ventured into the fashion industry as an entrepreneur. After working as a volunteer in a refugee camp in Greece, she was empowered to dedicate her life to raising awareness of our individual and collective potential to be of service to others. Her vision is to create meaningful opportunities for people to connect through compassion.