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December 10th, 2019

The Missing Prescription In Pre And Postnatal Care

Ever Searched on YouTube for water birth videos?

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The day I found out I was pregnant was the happiest and scariest day of my life.

My emotions ranged from excitement to fear, from love to anxiety, to a sense of comfort and a waterfall of uncertainty. The only thing I could focus on was getting in to see my doctor so he could ease my mind and assure me that my baby was OK.

On the day of my first visit, I practically leapt out of bed.

During the appointment my doctor prescribed a prenatal vitamin, connected me with a nutritionist and went over how to approach exercise. Leaving his office, I expected to feel a sense of relief, but instead I felt anxious.

And as my pregnancy continued, so did my worry.

I longed for doctor visits so I could hear my baby’s heartbeat and know that she was ok. Yet every time I felt relief in knowing that my baby was healthy, the feeling was quickly replaced with concern that I wouldn’t get to hear her heartbeat again for another stressful month.

It was during this time of emotional uncertainty that a friend recommended Expectful – a platform that makes it easy for expectant and new moms to meditate.

Desperate to reduce my stress, I signed up for their free trial.

At first, I wasn’t sure if it was doing anything, but in three days I noticed an increase in my energy. A week later I was more relaxed, and within a month, I felt like a new woman.

The more I meditated, the less I worried. The random negative thoughts that led me down a rabbit hole of stress and anxiety were no more. Instead, I was filled with a feeling of deep connection to both my baby and partner.

Just as exercise kept my body feeling strong, meditation helped my mind feel more focused and energized. Just as my prenatal vitamin gave me the nutrients and minerals my body needed, meditation gave my mind the ease and self-assurance I had yearned for.

This shift transformed my whole pregnancy, and I was left wondering, why didn’t my doctor ever talk to me about the health of my mind during such an important and challenging time?

Curious as to how meditation directly benefits pregnancy, I dove deep into the available research. What I found made me realize that meditation was doing a lot more than just reducing my stress, it was helping me give my baby a better start in life.

Viktor Viktor


Tali Phoenix is an integrative life coach and somatic psychotherapist-in-training. Taking a holistic approach to wellness, she believes that by activating our inner intelligence we free ourselves from the perception of limitation.

Mother to one human and one dog, she spends her spare time cooking toddler- approved macrobiotic meals, writing, and meditating with her body through yoga and 5 Rhythms.

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Viktor Viktor


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