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December 10th, 2019

Moms Who Inspire : Liddy Arens

Ever Searched on YouTube for water birth videos?

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Before interviewing Liddy Arens, I was already immensely intrigued by her story, or should I say her “birthing stories.”

Liddy, a mother of four, has had two unassisted births, and all her babies were born in super relaxed meditative states. As a new mom who recently went through labor, this was really hard to comprehend. My birthing experience was not even in the same universe as her stories, so I was a bit skeptical… but when I got to know Liddy better, her birthing stories made complete sense; this woman is a force of nature and I’m beyond honored to feature her in this article.

Liddy is one of the most enchanting women I have ever talked to. I felt as if I was meditating while just speaking with her, which makes sense considering she is a Meditation and Ayurvedic expert who specializes in fertility, pregnancy, birth and motherhood. She is also the wife to Meditation expert, Charles Knoles who has taught over 7,000 people to meditate.

What I noticed most about Liddy is her curiosity, compassion and gentleness. As I interviewed her she would often ask about my experiences as a mother, wondering how I was doing and truly listening with kindness and support.

She was also extremely open about her own experiences, telling me that at age 18 she was told she was infertile. Her doctor said “get comfortable with just being a really good aunt”.  She opened up about her own miscarriages, as you’ll read in her answer to question #5. She expressed that going through these tough moments in her own life is what now helps her to relate and understand what many women are going through.

Liddy’s approach to helping women through their own motherhood journey is all about getting to know what’s happening “inside.” She often talks to her clients about how they are feeling, what thoughts they are having and how those thoughts might be affecting them on a deeper level.

Liddy’s family sounds like something straight out of a fairytale. When I asked if her children meditate, she said “Yes, everyday” and then went on to tell me how just yesterday they were all meditating on the beach together. “My children meditate for how many minutes they are in age. The older girls took turns meditating.  My 6 year old played with the younger kids while my 11 year old meditated, and then they switched.  Charlie and I were right there with them.  They see us meditate everyday.  It’s what’s normal for us.”

To say that Liddy is a Mom who inspires might be the biggest understatement ever. Talking and getting to know her on a deeper level through the questions below was a wonderful and eye-opening experience. Read on to learn more about this amazing woman.

Viktor Viktor


Tali Phoenix is an integrative life coach and somatic psychotherapist-in-training. Taking a holistic approach to wellness, she believes that by activating our inner intelligence we free ourselves from the perception of limitation.

Mother to one human and one dog, she spends her spare time cooking toddler- approved macrobiotic meals, writing, and meditating with her body through yoga and 5 Rhythms.

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Viktor Viktor


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