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December 10th, 2019

Moms Who Inspire : Kristin McGee

Ever Searched on YouTube for water birth videos?

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When I was 22 years old my boyfriend gave me one of the best Christmas presents I have ever received; a MTV Yoga DVD with Celebrity Yoga Instructor, Kristin McGee. That DVD is what made me fall in love with yoga and inevitably become an instructor in NYC.

So to say I was excited to interview Kristin for Expectful’s Moms Who Inspire series is a big understatement; to be honest, I was kind of geeking out about it.

However, I also had my reservations. When meeting any celebrity you always run the risk of realizing they aren’t the person you’ve seen on screen…

Luckily, Kirstin exceeded my expectations and was as gracious, generous and caring as they come.

The first thing I noticed about this mother of one is how giving she was with her time. As I walked through the Equinox on the Upper West Side where she teaches, she introduced me to three different people that were all there to speak to her before her class about a product, interview or picture. Kirstin was so attentive, she gave full focused and genuine attention to everyone.

I want to be with my son every moment; but I also love my job. It’s a challenge every day to decide what to give up.

Perhaps the most beautiful thing that I noticed about Kristin (besides the fact that she’s down-right gorgeous) is how she lights up when she talks about her son. When she spoke about her two year old, Timothy, you could see how much she loved being a mom. She talked to me about how she had kids later in life and expressed that she would like more but if it doesn’t happen, it doesn’t happen.

As you’ll see in Kristen’s interview, her whole outlook on life is very simply, love.

I am beyond excited to share her thoughts on Motherhood with you below. I hope you find her just as inspiring as I have.

Viktor Viktor


Tali Phoenix is an integrative life coach and somatic psychotherapist-in-training. Taking a holistic approach to wellness, she believes that by activating our inner intelligence we free ourselves from the perception of limitation.

Mother to one human and one dog, she spends her spare time cooking toddler- approved macrobiotic meals, writing, and meditating with her body through yoga and 5 Rhythms.

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Viktor Viktor


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