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December 10th, 2019

Everything You Need To Know About Labor

Ever Searched on YouTube for water birth videos?

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I can still feel the anticipation of what labor would feel like.

In the weeks leading up to giving birth to my daughter Annabell, I felt both excited and nervous as I drew closer to my due date. Each day, my mind would race about how and where labor would begin, what it would feel like and how my birth was going to play out.

Then, one Saturday evening, two days shy of 40 weeks pregnant, I felt my first contraction while sitting alone in my living room.

My initial reaction was pure confusion. I had no idea what a contraction was or wasn’t, so I sat still for an hour until I could confirm that the sensation was increasing over time. Once I realized that it was definitely labor, I walked into my bedroom, told my husband to keep sleeping and went back to the living room to labor alone.

There I sat scared to both move and know when I should go to the hospital. The truth is, while laboring at home, I had no idea what to do with myself. I felt frozen and lost.

Five hours later, I broke into uncontrollable chills, woke up my husband and told him it was time to go. I arrived at the hospital, layed on a bed and remained there for 8 hours until giving birth to my daughter, Annabell.

Looking back, I can see the most important thing missing in my labor was knowledge. I had no idea what I could / couldn’t do during labor, which left me moving from a place of fear rather than confidence.

After speaking with many women on Expectful, I’ve realized how many of them were also uninformed during their labors. Women want to be empowered during birth, but many don’t know how.

It’s because of this that I reached out to one of the co-founders of Carriage House Birth, Samantha Huggins, to find our everything there is to know about labor. Samantha is a certified birth doula, mother of two, lactation counselor, childbirth educator and co-founder of The Code, a radical body literacy program for tweens.

I hope Samantha’s experience and insight bring you the confidence, presence and peace I wish I had during my birth.

Viktor Viktor


Tali Phoenix is an integrative life coach and somatic psychotherapist-in-training. Taking a holistic approach to wellness, she believes that by activating our inner intelligence we free ourselves from the perception of limitation.

Mother to one human and one dog, she spends her spare time cooking toddler- approved macrobiotic meals, writing, and meditating with her body through yoga and 5 Rhythms.

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Viktor Viktor


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