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Our Vision

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Our Vision

At Expectful, we see the tremendous impact that mental health and well being have on the journey to motherhood. To us, the mind-body connection isn’t just an idea — it’s the key to navigating the physical, mental and emotional aspects of every stage of motherhood from the moment you decide to conceive. With our meditation toolkit, we’re making it easier than ever to create health and well being through the power of mindfulness, and creating a world in which meditation is as common as prenatal vitamins. Each meditation has been customized to guide you through preparing to conceive, pregnancy and motherhood. These guided sessions have been meticulously crafted by our team of licensed hypnotherapists, meditation experts, and sound engineers, and are available online and through our iOS app. We believe that everyone has a right to a healthy mind, especially aspiring and new moms. So for every subscription purchased, we give one to someone in need. We call it 3 for 1, because your meditation practice will benefit the lives of three other people: your baby, another expectant woman, and her baby.
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Hi, I’m Mark, an unmarried man with no children, and Expectful’s unlikely founder.

I discovered the life-changing benefits of meditation in my mid-twenties. I was able to navigate life’s challenges with greater ease, watched my mental capacity skyrocket, and started seeing marked differences in almost every area of my life.

As my health, happiness, relationships, and professional life improved significantly, I recalled my mother’s struggles with anxiety and depression when she was raising me, and I wondered if meditation might be an especially great tool for new moms.

I dove into the research and found studies that show the negative effects anxiety and depression can have on a baby, along with studies highlighting meditation’s ability to improve fertility, pregnancy, and motherhood outcomes.

“A lightbulb went off.”

I saw the power of this simple, easy, and completely accessible tool to transform the lives of both expectant moms and the next generation.

I teamed up with a meditation teacher and hypnotherapist to create a few guided meditations for pregnant women, and we offered them to our expectant friends in exchange for feedback. We listened closely, created more meditations, shared them with more women, and Expectful was born.

Today, I’m surrounded by a team of strong women, including Anna and Deanne who came onboard after using the app during their pregnancies. We offer a library of guided meditations and mindfulness exercises for fertility, pregnancy, and motherhood. Every audio we produce is informed by the generous feedback our users share.

We envision a world in which women are emotionally supported and uplifted throughout their journey to motherhood.

With Love, Anna Gannon Expectful Community Guide
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Our Family

"The Best Team of Motivational and Passionate Professionals Who Can Give Your Baby the Best Start in Life."

Mark Founder & CEO
Anna Editorial Lead & Community Guide
Biet The Voice of Expectful’s Guided Meditations
Alex CTO
Yukie Administrative Lead
Cat Social Media Lead
Max Data Lead

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