Expectful is looking for to engage a driven, thorough and passionate person for a six week project (part-time), commencing mid-August.

This person will be responsible for managing 10 influencer partnerships from pitch through to execution.

Influencers will be prominent across social media in the pregnancy-wellbeing space, or are high profile women who are pregnant themselves.

You will be provided with a set of criteria and responsibilities for negotiating and managing agreements with influencers, and will report to Expectful’s CEO and co-founder, as well some liaison with the Expectful Community Manager.

Responsibilities over a 6 week period commencing mid August include:
• Research and determine potential influencers
• Outreach to influencers pitching a partnership with Expectful
• Manage leads and follow up accordingly
• Negotiate payment and terms of payment
• Coordinate signed agreement
• Coordinate the planning and execution of the image, copy and time of post based on a combination of the influencers style and audience, and in line with Expectful values

• 10 influencer partnerships
• Each partnership agreed to 1 post within the timeframe
• Signed agreement for each partner
• 10 executed posts as per signed agreements

Influencers will be paid a pre-agreed price based on a pre-determined fee structure. Influencers will also receive a free three month trial of Expectful.

You will be paid a pre-agreed project fee in two parts: 40% at the start of the project, and 60% once all KPIs have been complete.