Learn and practice the skills you need for a calm, confident birth experience in an approachable, evidence-based course created by a clinical hypnotherapist.

About the Course:

5 Hours of Content
7 Guided Hypnobirthing Tracks
Self-Paced to Fit Your Schedule
Adaptable to Your Birth Plan
Educational Resources

Plus — Get access to Expectful’s entire library of meditations for pregnancy, birth preparation, labor support, postpartum healing, and sleep.


“Best pregnancy purchase! - I’m now 35 weeks and can’t imagine what
pregnancy would’ve been like without Expectful. Now that it has hypnobirthing
I’m even more about this app! I tell all my expecting friends to try it out. It’s a
great investment for your mental health and really helps you connect with your
baby in the womb.”

— KateofFates

Benefits of Hypnobirthing

Shorter labor
Reduced pain during birth
Fewer interventions
Stress reduction during pregnancy
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