The scientifically proven benefits of meditation


Reduced Stress & Anxiety

None of us can predict or control all the factors that can lead to increased stress, especially during pregnancy. But practicing regular meditation can significantly reduce stress and anxiety levels.1 Through meditation you can learn to maintain an inner calm regardless of your external circumstances.


Improved child outcome

Mindfulness training during pregnancy has been associated with less infant self-regulation problems, and less infant negative affectivity.2 It has also been shown to increase the frequency of sound that a baby can hear at birth.3


Reduced pain during labor

A study done on a group of people who attended a four-day mindfulness meditation training found that they were able to decrease the intensity of painful stimulus by 40 percent.4 Neuroscientists have also discovered that meditators are likely to have lower pain sensitivity in general. Pain reduction can help you have an easier pregnancy, delivery, and recovery, no matter what your birth plan looks like.5


increased connection

Meditation increases your ability to recognize emotions in others and to practice compassion.6 These skills can help cultivate a stronger relationship with your partner and make you feel more connected to your baby.


healthy pregnancy

A study that explored preterm birth found that women that participated in a mindfulness training program were 50% less likely to give birth early than women with no mindfulness education.7


enhanced immunity

Meditation enhances the body’s immune function.8 This can help protect you and your baby from illness—before and after delivery.

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“Gestation is a time when our nervous systems are under construction and being wired for equanimity and stability or for hypersensitivity and vulnerability to the stressors of the world outside the womb…”

Robin Karr-Morse, author