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Meditation For Expectant And New Moms,
When you want, Wherever you are, In Just 10 Minutes A Day.

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$9 a month. Your first 30 days are free.

“I believe Expectful is why I was able to get over feeling nauseous, rest through sleepless mind chatter nights, be kind to my husband, connect with my growing baby, and best of all feel grounded during my most vulnerable moments. This program hasn’t been just for me, it’s for my developing baby too.”

Deanne Z.

Anytime Anywhere

Expectful is fully optimized for mobile and tablet experiences, so you can take your practice with you on the go.

With Expectful you get:


Videos that cover the ins & outs of developing A regular meditation practice during pregnancy.


Trimester specific meditations that change based on the progression of your pregnancy.


Exercises you can use to keep you grounded throughout your day.


Guided meditations created just for you and your partner.


JUST FOR YOU MEDITATIONS, if you need a little break from all things pregnancy.


Paired up with a purposefully small, curated support group of likeminded women.

$9 a month. Your first 30 days are free.

The Science

Meditation Matters

Meditation during pregnancy and beyond has been shown to improve the connection between you and your baby, and have a positive impact on their health, and yours.

It also decreases stress, enhances immunity and can reduce pain during labor.

$9 a month. Your first 30 days are free.

“Gestation is a time when our nervous systems are under construction and being wired for equanimity and stability or for hypersensitivity and vulnerability to the stressors of the world outside the womb…”

Robin Karr-Morse, author