Are you pregnant?

The journey of pregnancy and parenthood is not meant to be experienced alone.

And somewhere within you, you already know this to be true.

Throughout time, there have been villages, communities, and families where people gathered in-person to share stories, connect, laugh and hold space for another – because within this transformational time there is so much to share and explore together.

This is why we created Expectful Circles – a monthly gathering in which we come together to speak about what it’s like to be preparing for a baby or parenting a child in this world. A community where both individuals and couples are welcome because we believe in togetherness and in the impact that in-person, open conversation can have on individuals, communities and the world.

This is why these circles exist…so that you, your partner, your children and your community can feel united through parenthood.

Want to join our next gathering?

“A dream you dream alone is only a dream. A dream you dream together is reality.”

– John Lennon

What is an Expectful Circle?

Expectful Circle’s was born out of our desire for connection.

At Expectful we realized that although our online meditations provide accessible support – the connection created through in-person conversation is unparalleled.

We believe this generation of parents and parents-to-be has an opportunity to write a new story when it comes to community – we see a way where this isn’t experienced alone or should be.

Which is why we created a monthly space where as a community, we come together. A tribe that unites to expand in way of shared connection and storytelling – both embracing the challenging parts of this journey as well as the beautiful and awe-inspiring ones.

I like to imagine this as a container that you enter into just as you are – whether tired or energized – hopeful or hopeless. I believe this is a place where you come to absorb the qualities that only in-person connection can bring – the love, the laughter and the comradery.

What are our values?

We believe in storytelling as a way to pass down knowledge from generation to generation.

When we share our stories – we connect on a new level. There is no right or wrong in a story – there is just truth of what occurred.

Sharing your story allows others to see themselves within it – giving them room to take or leave whatever they wish.

Sharing our stories is different from sharing our advice…

When we share advice, we attach a right and wrong to how something is done or how someone should be. Advice doesn’t leave space for anything other than what the advice giver believes to be true.

So in our circles, we share stories not advice so you can find your truth within you – not within someone else.

What happens in an Expectful Circle?

We meditate together, people have the opportunity to share stories and in the process we help eachother get deeper insight on what it means to you to be a parent or parent-to-be in this world.

Why is in-person conversation so important?

When you connect with other humans in the same room with you, all your senses ignite. Each part of you awakes, feeling, seeing and hearing the person or people that surround you.

This is human connection as it’s most basic and magnificent form – this is how so many of us realize that we are not alone in something.

In the age of technology and less face-to-face time – a wall between how we see and feel ourselves and how we see and feel others has been built – leading to more of us acting from a place of me rather than we.

In our eyes, reversing this starts with the very people who are raising the next generation, reclaiming our togetherness begins with us and with you.