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Two Weeks Overdue: How I Fought To Not Induce

During my pregnancy I followed everything suggested. I ate well, napped, reduced stress, eliminated caffeine, alcohol and sushi, stayed hydrated, practiced yoga, walked, and meditated.  I took classes—childbirth education, breastfeeding, infant CPR, and baby care. I hired a doula and wrote a birth plan. I was ready! At 37 weeks I started following all the …

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Letter To My Pregnant Self

Dear Pregnant Self, Hey girl. Look, you know I am not one for the cheesy stuff — I’m not a very romantic person. I don’t like Hallmark cards. I don’t even like Valentine’s Day. So you know that I’m not prone to overstatement when I say this: You are about to meet the love of …

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Birth Story: Lexi

Most women will say that they had a great pregnancy and that their delivery was wonderful. Well I did not enjoy pregnancy. For me, it was one of the roughest things I’ve ever experienced and I had a delivery to match. During the end of my pregnancy, I developed an unknown virus which prompted me …

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Dear Pre-Mom Self: It’s Time To Let You Go

Let me just get this out of the way first, I love being a mother. When people say they never knew what true love was until they became a parent, they aren’t exaggerating. It’s the single best thing that has ever happened in my life. But I’d be lying if I said that I didn’t …

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The Simple Practice That Might Change The World

Have you ever went to do a quick Google search that lead to hours of internet surfing? Well, I’ve been there more times than I’d typically admit, but looking back I’m filled with gratitude. Because during one of those search engine adventures, I found something that changed the course of my life forever… The infamous …

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Shame on Sharing

I was the third person to know my best friend was pregnant. First was her husband. Second was her yoga teacher in response to, “is anyone pregnant?” [in the class]. Then the following day after eating brunch, she said, “I can’t keep this in, I’m pregnant.” After the initial excitement of the news subsided, I …

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Birth Story: Yukie McGregor

Elena May The days leading up to my daughter’s birth were pretty calm. My grandmother from Japan had flown in so we spent the few days before Elena was born catching up with her. Tuesday we even went to TopGolf for a few rounds! I was convinced that I wasn’t anywhere close to being in …

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My Natural-to-Me Childbirth

During my pregnancy I read a lot of books on natural childbirth. I watched many videos of women giving birth in tranquil settings – appearing to be in ecstasy – their babies sliding right out of them. For my daughter’s birth I dreamed of a version of this, but I knew I wanted to give …

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