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“97% Percent of Women Will Have a Negative Thought About Their Body today.”
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Making a conscious decision to begin preparing to have a baby can be both exciting and overwhelming. Depending on if you are just getting started or have been down this path for some time, you may be uncertain around what you can do to increase your ability to get pregnant.

At Expectful, we’ve spent a tremendous amount of time speaking with preparing to conceive (PTC ) women and experts in fertility to learn about what it means to be emotionally and physically healthy when you’re trying to get pregnant and what tools can help you get there.

Before you dive in, we want to let you in on a little secret: you are your best guide when it comes to what’s “right” or “not right” during your journey.

  • 9 CHAPTERS (10-14 MIN EACH)

What people are saying

“Carrying a child is such a scary and huge responsibility. Meditating has provided me an outlet to focus inward. The relaxation and sleep meditations have been especially helpful, as I have learned how to calm my busy brain and focus on building the healthy little life growing in my belly.”
avatar Myrtle Miles Happy mom of two kids
“Expectful meditation helped me stay in the present and clear my mind. Within just a couple months I conceived and when new anxieties arose, I used Expectful for sleep every night.”
avatar Rena Porter New mom
This is my first meditative experience and I am hooked. The meditations feel so loving and nurturing to myself and the new life growing inside me.
avatar Clara Terry Mom and CEO of Google, Inc.
“Pregnancy has been an emotional and vulnerable time, and using Expectful has helped me connect with my baby and focus on the wonderful things going on inside my body.”
avatar Eva Hunt Happy mom of one kid
“Simply AMAZING!”
“I tried to conceive for 4-years and decided to try Expectful to see if it would help. I meditated every day, and it provided me with the time I needed to connect with myself. Four months later I got pregnant, and their meditations are still the most important part of my day.”
avatar Adeline Christensen Lead Designer at Apple, Inc.


Anna is the community guide at Expectful and the host of The Expectful Podcast. She is a mother, writer, and a yoga and meditation teacher. Her work has been featured on The Huffington Post, MindBodyGreen and Yoga Today. You can follow Anna on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. You can follow Anna on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.


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