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Virtual Baby Shower: 10 Ideas & Planning Tips

Virtual Baby Shower: 10 Ideas & Planning Tips

Can't host an in-person baby shower? Here are 10 virtual baby shower ideas that are just as fun and meaningful for everyone involved.

Written By
Nicole Kainz

Nicole Kainz

April 20, 2023

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, everyone has had to get creative in how we go about our daily lives. Students, teachers, and parents had to navigate online learning, and professionals have embraced work from home and virtual meetings.

Even our social lives have found their way to the virtual world.

When it comes to the long-standing tradition of a baby shower, shower hosts and guests have also had to get creative. Keeping expecting mothers safe has to be the top priority, and gathering with many people may not be the best option.

Queue the virtual baby shower. If you are starting to plan a virtual baby shower, here are ten ideas and planning tips to help you host the perfect virtual baby shower.

What Is a Virtual Baby Shower?

Before we explain what a virtual baby shower is, let’s talk about a baby shower in general. A baby shower gathers family and friends to celebrate a pregnant woman and her soon-to-be-born baby and “shower” them with gifts.

There are often decorations, food, games, and the opening of gifts during these events. Baby showers may have dated back to ancient Greek or Egyptian times.

A virtual baby shower takes this same concept to the virtual world, “showering” the mother with love and gifts. Instead of gathering together and potentially spreading Covid-19 or other viruses to the family of the mom-to-be, a shower is hosted on a video call platform.

Did you know there are also baby showers called Community Baby Showers? These showers are to provide gifts and resources to those expecting mothers in need in the community. Some Community Baby Showers have specific themes, like infant sleep safety.

How Are Virtual Baby Showers Different Than In-Person Baby Showers?

Besides the obvious answer that one is virtual and the other you are in the same room as your guest, there are a few differences between the two parties. While they are hosted to celebrate the mom and baby, it is not a one-for-one switch.

When it comes to virtual baby showers, they are likely going to be shorter. You have probably been to a virtual meeting or gathering with family or friends over the last year.

The more people on a virtual call, the more difficult it is to visit. It is best to keep virtual baby showers on track without a lot of extraneous conversions. We will talk about how to create a schedule for the event later.

Virtual baby showers are also likely more cost-effective than in-person baby showers. While you should decorate the location of the mom-to-be, you will not need to provide food for everyone, book a venue, or purchase the necessary supplies for games and activities.

How Do You Plan a Virtual Baby Shower in 10 Helpful Tips?

When planning a virtual baby shower, there are a few ways to make it a huge success. At the end of the shower, the goal is for the expecting mom to feel loved and for the guests to get a chance to celebrate with the mom-to-be.

While the expecting mom may not give all of her loved ones an in-person hug, virtual baby showers can be just as supportive to the expectant mother. It is essential for expecting mothers to feel supported emotionally, physically, and informatively during their pregnancy.

Here are ten ways to throw the perfect virtual baby shower!

Find Out the Wishes of the Mom-To-Be

If you are planning a virtual baby shower, it is important to ask the mom-to-be what they are hoping for during their shower. Do they like games? Do they want parenting advice from their friends and family—of course, they can take the advice that resonates with them and leave the rest behind.

You can also ask them if they would like anyone physically in their location. They may want you to be in the same room with them, or perhaps her mother or sister. Having one or two people with the mom-to-be can help her get that in-person support she may desire during her shower.

She may request those guests to take a COVID-19 test before arriving at her house. Please make sure anyone on this list follows the wishes of the expecting mother.

Choosing the “Venue”

Once you understand the wishes of the mom-to-be, it’s time to pick the virtual venue. There are many different virtual venues that accommodate multiple people. Depending on your needs, your comfort level with each platform, and whether or not you want it to be free or you are okay paying for the platform will determine the best virtual venue for you.

As the host of the shower, make sure you take some time to get comfortable with the platform and its amenities. You may even want to set up a mock party with a few people to test the functions.

Send out a link to your test group the same way you will send it to the guest of the shower. Make sure everyone can easily join the call. Learn how to mute the group—this can be crucial in a big group, with lots of background noise.

If you need to share your screen for any activity, practice how to do it seamlessly.

Picking Out the Perfect Invitation

Now that you have the venue chosen, it is time to pick out an invitation. Since you are hosting a virtual baby shower, stick with the theme and create a virtual invitation. There are a few different companies that offer this type of invitation.

You can choose from many different themes or color schemes. The best part about using a virtual invitation is that it will track all of your RSVPs.

On your invitation, include the link to the virtual venue, the date and time, and a link to the gift registry. You can also include any information your guest may need before signing on to the shower.

Let them know to make themselves a small snack or treat to enjoy during the shower, have a piece of paper handy for any games or activities, and let them know if you want everyone to introduce themselves or have a parenting tip ready.

Send Out the Gift Registry

Gift registries have become very popular for baby showers, which may be even more beneficial for virtual baby showers. Since the gifts may need to be shipped to the mom-to-be, it is easy to send a gift directly from the site it is ordered from.

Help the expecting mom create a gift registry on sites that are easily accessible online and have easy shipping options. Of course, people may still want to hand-make a gift or send the mom-to-be a gift directly.

Don’t forget to include services as a gift option. An appointment with a nutritionist or lactation consultant is a perfect gift for a mom-to-be.

On the registry and the invitation, make sure to include the mom-to-be’s address so the guests know where to ship the gifts.

Create a Schedule for the Event

Everyone has likely found themselves on a video call with multiple people during the last two years. Let’s just say, it can get a little unorganized if there is no plan in place. It is important to set up a schedule beforehand so you—the hostess—can make sure the shower is going smoothly.

Here are a few things you should consider adding to your schedule.

  • Leave time for people to come on and get comfortable with the virtual layout.
  • Plan time for games and activities if the mom-to-be is open to them.
  • Allow time to open gifts if the mom-to-be is comfortable being the center of attention.
  • Leave time to thank the guests for joining the virtual baby shower.

Don’t Forget To Decorate

If you are planning a virtual baby shower, arrive at the venue early or send the mom-to-be a box of decorations that she can easily set up. These can be simple decorations, wall decor, decorative napkins, or cups. You can also send any games or activity supplies they may need.

There are also ways to do a virtual background on certain virtual venues. The mom-to-be can use it as her background during the shower.

Decorations help to create the tone of the shower. Virtual baby showers may not be the traditional way to celebrate the expecting mom, but decorations can help get everyone in the baby shower spirit.

You can also welcome your guests to dress in baby shower attire and have their own decorations if they would like to. The mom-to-be may love seeing all the different decorations.

Pick Out Games To Engage the Guests

If your guest of honor is up to playing some games, you’ll need to include games that are appropriate virtually. Games like “who knows the mom-to-be best” are super simple on a virtual platform.

Basically, you’ll come up with questions all about the mom—you can include questions about the dad-to-be, too, especially if your shower is coed. Then, you’ll ask your guests to answer the questions. Once everyone is ready, you can read the answers and see who got the most right.

Another fun game to play is the baby photo game. Ask each of your guests to email a picture or two of them as a baby. You can share your screen with the group and see if everyone can match the baby picture with the guests.

Other games you can play are baby bingo, baby price is right where you guess the prices of different baby necessities, and don’t say, baby! You’ll probably want to plan two or three games, depending on the time you have scheduled.

Decide on Game Prizes

If you have decided to play games during your shower, make sure you have game prizes! These prizes can be simple e-gift cards to well-known coffee shops, stores, or online retailers.

The dollar amount for the game price depends on your budget, but $10 to $20 is usually appropriate. E-gift cards are easy to send to the winners, keeping with the virtual theme.

Other virtual game prizes you can give are a one-month subscription to an online video or music streaming service, a charity donation in the winners’ honor, or a monthly subscription to an e-book service.

Yes or No to Party Favors?

Traditionally, you would expect to leave a baby shower with a party favor. There isn’t the same expectation when guests attend a virtual baby shower. However, if you would like to add a special touch to the virtual baby shower, you can send your guest away with a party favor.

Keeping with the virtual theme, an e-gift card is also a perfect party favor. A $5 gift card to each person is ideal for sending them away with a little something extra.

You can also send each of your guests a party favor they can use during the shower, like a baby shower-themed mug or glass to use during the virtual baby shower. You could even send a candle to burn during the shower.

Send Out Thank You Notes

Once your virtual baby shower is over, don’t forget the thank you notes! We always want to show our gratitude to our guests for coming and sending a gift. Did you know gratitude can also increase your overall well-being? It can also make the recipient of the thank you card feel pretty appreciated as well.

The mom-to-be can choose to send paper thank you notes out or keep with the theme and send out virtual thank you notes. If they have decided to send out paper invites, as the event host, you may want to help her by compiling everyone’s physical address.

If they decide to send out virtual thank you notes, the company you chose for the virtual invites may also have Thank You notes that match the invites sent out. You can help the mom-to-be by sending her a link to those Thank You cards.

Don’t forget to keep a list of each gift and who sent it. The party host can take on this task, or you can ask someone to help you with this. If the expecting mom has decided to have someone physically with her during the party, they may be the perfect person for the job.


Now that you have these ten virtual baby shower ideas and planning tips, you can be on your way to planning the perfect virtual baby shower for the expecting mom-to-be.

Expectful is here for expecting moms through the challenging times and the best of times. We love finding new ways to navigate celebrating expecting moms during a pandemic or necessary bedrest.

Nicole Kainz
Nicole Kainz
Perinatal Writer