16 Unique New Mom Gift Ideas

16 Unique New Mom Gift Ideas

New moms get lots of gifts for their new bundle of joy, but what about for her? Our New Mom Gift Ideas can help any new mom feel special.

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Emily Watson

Emily Watson

July 16, 2021

Bringing a little one into the world creates new dynamics, a new family routine, and even a new role for mama. There’s no doubt the new little bundle of joy’s nursery is overflowing with mountains of new gifts, gadgets, clothes, and baby stuff. But that new mom in your life worked hard bringing the sweet peanut into the world – doesn’t she deserve a little gift herself?

(Hint: the answer is “yes.”)

We’ve put together the ultimate new mom gift guide so you can show the new mama in your life a little extra love. These 16 unique new mom gift ideas are sure to make her feel extra special and appreciated!

The Best Gifts for New Moms

1. Nursing-Friendly Pajamas

Washable? Check.

Cozy? Check.

Nursing-friendly? You bet.

Let’s face it. Everyone loves pajamas. But cozy pajamas that don’t pill and durable enough to withstand leaking? Well, that’s a goldmine new mom gift idea.

This bamboo pajama set can help a new mom feel confident, comfortable, and warm. The thermo-regulating bamboo material is incredibly fantastic for new moms as night sweats are just another postpartum joy they have to deal with.

To Buy: $44.99 Amazon

2. OddBird Co. Kaftan Lounge Dress

Another one of our unique gift ideas for new moms is OddBird Co.’s Kaftan Lounge Dress. Not only is it super-comfy, but all of OddBird’s pieces are handwoven, sustainable, and ethically made using small-batch Turkish textiles. This is another one of the most practical new mom gift ideas on our list since it works for lounging around the house with the new bundle of joy or running errands.

When asked about OddBird Co’s styles, Laura Hoffman, acupuncturist and mama of three, keeps it honest, “I love that their clothes make you feel comfortable but also a level up from sweatpants. It’s good for the spirit to feel extra good about yourself during the fourth trimester! There’s a lot of hormone fluctuation and changes that can be hard on the mother.”

To Buy: $160 Odd Bird Co.

3. Nourisher New Mom Starter Kit

New mamas are likely to worry so much about their newborn’s needs they forget to feed themselves. But feeding babies is hard work, energetically and calorically. To make sure mama gets enough yummy nutrient-dense foods to eat, consider one of our new mom gift ideas that’ll keep her well-nourished.

Lactation bites or bars like these from Nourisher are just the ticket for the new mom in your life. Their New Mom Starter Kit comes with 12 Milkful Nursing Bars and 12 Pre and Postnatal Bars, making it one of the best gifts for new moms (and their babies!)

Bonus: she can eat them one-handed!

To Buy: $66 Nourisher

4. One Line a Day Journal

One of the most sentimental ideas on our new mom gift guide is this memory book from Chronicle Books. It’s the perfect way to track each new day with their little one in as little as one line per day.

New moms can track their memories on each page of the journal for up to five years! This idea came from parenting psychologist and mom, Dr. Sarah Bren, who uses it every day.

After all, what they say is true, “The days are long, but the years are short.” We think this is one of the best new mom gift ideas to help keepsake special moments and reflections without feeling too daunting.

To Buy: $12.06 Amazon

5. Asymmetrical Multiple Initials Necklace

What more beautiful but subtle way to honor a mother’s love than with an initial necklace that features the first initial of their baby (or babies)? This minimal 14k gold asymmetrical necklace may not make a huge statement, but it holds a whole lot of meaning.

To Buy: $310 Zoe Lev

6. Peasy Onesie

So this is technically a baby item, but it makes a new mom’s life so much easier we felt we had to share it in our new mom gift guide! Those middle-of-the-night diaper changes in the first two weeks can be pretty tough.

That’s why this is one of the best new mom gifts.

No longer will the new mom in your life have to fumble for snaps while bleary-eyed and milk-soaked. No mama wants that.

As a mama of two and tired of trying to dress her wiggly babies in the middle of the night, Sara Parant founded Peasy Onesies. They’re super soft, sustainably made, and thoughtfully designed. We think the ruffles one is adorable!

To Buy: $36 Peasy

7. Bodewell Living OCCASION Candle

A women-owned business, Bodewell Living’s candle roster has a scent and spice to remember and cherish every moment. Poured in small batches out of Los Angeles, Bodewell is a small business run by women.

Their candles are:

  • All-natural
  • Made of a coconut wax blend
  • Lead-free
  • Have cotton wicks

Their OCCASION candle is a true celebration and a unique, thoughtful new mom gift idea. It has an uncommon scent combination of black pepper, bergamot, and cassis yet smells intoxicating. The elegant, delicate unfolding of dynamic scents is not only a celebration of life, but the new mom in your life may feel as if they’ve been transported to a spa!

To Buy: $36 Bodewell Living

8. Sugar Lip Treatment Set

Fresh’s Sugar Lip Treatment Set is an easy (and great!) way for any new mama to practice a little self-care and get good skin hydration. When new moms are nursing, their lips always seem to feel a little extra dry and are more prone to chapping.

This is a great affordable new mom gift option and will definitely be well-received!

To Buy: $25 Fresh at Sephora

9. Expectful Meditation App – Courses, Fitness Classes, and More

As a new mom, there are so many worries, doubts, and fears that can take away from the joy of motherhood. That’s why the Expectful app is one of the most practical and helpful new mom gift ideas on our list. Here at Expectful, we have meditations to help calm all of those worries. One of our favorites is the breastfeeding meditation for those challenging early nursing days.

In addition to meditations, though, there is a plethora of content that is at-the-ready for a new mom. From Back to Work assistance when maternity leave is over to postnatal fitness classes, the supportive world of Expectful is growing, just as this new mom’s family is.

To Buy: $60 Expectful.

10. DryBar Dry Shampoo Set

Any new mom will tell you: showers are a treat when you have a newborn. Unfortunately, they are often few and far between in the early months.

So why not give the next best thing to a shower? The DryBar Dry Shampoo Set is an excellent substitute for when moms still want to look and feel presentable but the shower feels like too much of a commitment.

To Buy: $25 Drybar at Sephora

11. Drunk Elephant Skincare Gift Set

A new mom’s skin goes through a LOT of ups and downs as hormones fluctuate during pregnancy. The Drunk Elephant Skincare Gift Set is one of our favorite luxurious new mom gift ideas. This sweet gift helps remind the new mama in your life to take care of herself. Plus, it includes eight of Drunk Elephant’s bestsellers to use and switch up for their AM and PM skincare routines.

To Buy: $90 Amazon

12. Airpods

ALERT! Another super-practical gift idea on our new mom gift guide!

Airpods can be total game-changers for a new mom who wants to listen to podcasts, chat with friends or family, or listen to meditations (ehem – why not try ours?), without disturbing the baby? Also, new moms will find they’re carrying LOTS of extra things while toting around their bundle of joy, so the minimal design of these helps lighten the load while keeping them grounded or connected with the outside world.

And if they’re nervous about not being able to hear baby, they can use one at a time!

To Buy: $159.99 Best Buy

13. Allbirds Everyday Wool Runners

I bet you never thought of giving the new mom in your life a pair of shoes. Well, this is one of the most unique new mom gift ideas on our list. But it’s also an excellent idea.

Comfy, effortless, and chic. That’s All Birds kicks for ya. From comfortable everyday sneakers, slip-ons, flats, boat shoes, and more—they make any mom look all put together even when they’re just out taking a walk with the baby.

To Buy: $95 All Birds

14. Caviar Gift Card

Caviar is meal delivery all the way.

The last thing new parents want to do is cook. And the second to last thing they want to do is wash dishes. A Caviar gift card is a great way to give new parents the gift of not having to do any of these.

They can choose whatever they’re craving at the moment. Whether it’s something pseudo-romantic for a pretend date night in or something exotic to feel like they’ve taken a mini-vacay.

To Buy: Caviar

15. Instant Camera

We know what you’re thinking. “Is this new mom gift guide from the ’90s?”

Just hear us out.

While our phones are always within reach, an instant camera gives parents actual prints to physically hold! Those early days are so special but also a blur since a new mama is likely to be incredibly sleep-deprived.

This is one of the most unique new mom gift ideas on our list, but it’s also a special way to remember her early transformation from woman to mother. It’s the gift that keeps giving as she can sprinkle little photo reminders on the fridge or in her bedroom — all sweet reminders of the beautiful, messy days of new motherhood.

To Buy: $120 Amazon

Time to Get Shopping for That New Mom in Your Life!

Whether you have a big budget or a little one, you’re sure to find a wonderfully unique gift idea for the new mom on your mind. Or, perhaps, you can bookmark this and send it out to family and friends when it’s time for them to celebrate you! Head on over to Expectful.com for more gift ideas for expectant moms and the ultimate in new mom support.

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Emily Watson
Emily Watson
Emily Watson serves as Head of Services at Expectful and has spent years writing about maternal wellness after going through her own fertility, pregnancy, and motherhood journey. She loves inspiring women to lean on their village, believing that motherhood is better when done together. A certified yoga instructor and health coach, she whole-heartedly embraces the Expectful mission.