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The Ultimate Pregnancy Gifts Guide: What To Get An Expectant Mom

The Ultimate Pregnancy Gifts Guide: What To Get An Expectant Mom

Need ideas on what to get the pregnant mom-to-be in your life? Check out our pregnancy gifts guide for unique, practical gifts she'll love.

Written By
Emily Watson

Emily Watson

Head of Services
July 26, 2021

Whether you’re looking for awesome baby shower gift ideas or want to buy your friend (or yourself) some super-helpful pregnancy gifts, we’ve got the ultimate expectant mom gift guide for you! With a little help from Little Scraps of Magic founder, Montessori educator,, and mama Stepahnie Trzaska, we’ve compiled a few things we know every mama-to-be would love to receive. (Including you!)

9 Gifts for the Pregnant Mama (That are Actually Good)

1. MotherMother Aromatherapy Inhaler

New motherhood is full of a lot of… well… smells. You may as well add some fresher fragrances to your life with this pleasantly-smelling expectant mom gift. Meet MotherMother’s Aromatherapy Inhaler. This innovative pregnancy gift is a lipstick-sized wand small enough to toss into your pocket or diaper bag for a little pick-me-up anytime. Aromatherapy is excellent for anxiety reduction and promotes better sleep. Both are musts for new moms, making it an excellent baby shower gift idea.

To Buy: $24 MotherMother

2. Expectful Meditation App – Plus courses, live events, community, and fitness classes!

How about the gift of calm? Now that is a priceless expectant mom gift. (Of course we’re going to promote our wonderful selves!) Our guided meditations help your head stop spinning and instill a sense of calm. We have guided meditations for every week of pregnancy, plus pivotal moments like the 13-week and 20-week scans, making our app the ultimate pregnancy gift. You can even get your partner involved with our partner meditations.

To Buy: $60 for the year Expectful

3. Mama Stone Moisturizer

Finding safe and gentle products to use while nursing is so important. Give an expectant mom gift that will benefit both the baby and the mama! Kate Mcleod’s Mama Stones are safe for pregnant and nursing moms and gentle enough for the youngest newborn. This hypoallergenic moisturizer will leave your skin supple and glowing. While it’s solid at room temperature, it softens when it comes into contact with warm, dry skin, making it perfect for on the go — no mess! Bonus: sign up for their newsletter to receive 10% off your order.

To Buy: $45 Kate Mcleod’s Mama Stone

4. Go Fourth™ Starter Kit for a Cause

One of most unique gift ideas for pregnant women is also one of the most practical. (And will be welcomed by any new mama.)

Say goodbye to the mesh hospital undies! The Go Fourth™ Starter Kit for a Cause is the perfect gift for expectant moms in your life. Founded by women who thought new moms deserved better, Go Fourth™ also gives back to the National Black Doulas Association with every starter kit purchase. Now that’s a baby shower gift idea with a higher purpose!

To Buy: $75 Nyssa

5. The First 40 Days Cookbook

This baby shower gift idea is sure to get lots of “oohs” and “aahs”. That because it’s a fantastically-practical and useful pregnancy gift that’ll come in handy after the baby is born.

A lot of time and energy focuses on the pregnancyitself. But it’s crucial to help soon-to-be-mamas prep for the postpartum period, too. When they have a screaming, crying little human, the last thing on a new mom’s mind is cooking. And let’s be honest, in those early days, a shower is a luxury.

This cookbook is a life-saver. It helps prepare mamas-to-be for the changes coming their way, and not just when it comes to meals. This cookbook also helps expectant moms mentally prepare for the transformation that’s about to happen. In our opinion this is one of the best gift ideas for pregnant women.

To Buy: $22 The First 40 Days Cookbook

6. Sleep Mask

Mama needs rest – before the baby comes at the hospital, and when they bring that little bundle of joy home. Sleep is a hot commodity for new and expecting moms and they need all the help they can get.

So why not give the gift of better sleep with a simple, yet often overlooked pregnancy gift idea: a sleep mask? The sleep mask we chose may look a little strange but it checks all the better-sleep boxes. Most people who use the Nidra Sleep Mask find it less irritating and less noticeable than traditional sleep masks that rest against the eyelids.

And this expectant mom gift blocks out light to allow mamas to sleep soundly, even if only for a few minutes!

To Buy: $12.95 Sleep Mask

7. Prepping For Peanut

Not all pregnancy gifts are created equal. Want to give the ultimate expectant mom gift? Prepping for Peanut is here to help. This amazing baby shower gift idea is a personalized concierge service that helps expectant parents sort through the overcrowded baby market to find the products that best fit their lifestyle.

Prepping for Peanut’s goal is to make nesting a stress-free, confusion-free, and clutter-free experience. That way, soon-to-be parents can spend less time researching and stressing and more time preparing for parenthood. Depending on your budget and what kind of pregnancy gift impact you want to make, you can pick from their Registry, Nursery, or Nesting Packages.

To Buy: $50-$649 Prepping For Peanut

8. Earth Mama Perineal Balm and Spray

This is one of our favorite gift ideas for pregnant women who appreciate the natural things in life. Earth Mama Perineal Balm (and spray, for when things are a bit sore to the touch) delivers relief and gentle healing properties, to give the new mama in your life (or you!) a dose of comfort that she so deserves. Buy her a jar. Or three.

To Buy: $26.19 Amazon

9. Expected & Empowered Postpartum Guide

Created by two amazing moms, this comprehensive guide offers new moms support, advice, and science-backed tips to care for their bodies immediately following delivery through eight months postpartum. This powerful pregnancy gift progresses from breathing exercises to help the core and pelvic floor heal to adding more intense workouts back into a new mom’s regular routine.

To Buy: $150 Expecting & Empowered

Which of Our Pregnancy Gifts Will You Choose?

We hope this pregnancy gift guide helps you find a gift that the expectant mamas in your life will love, appreciate, and make them more confident heading into their motherhood journey.

Beyond gifts, if you’re looking for more resources and support on how to be there for your friend or you’re looking for a little support yourself, know that Expectful is here to help. Find helpful guidance through relaxing meditations and information-packed articles to help you live your best pregnancy and new-mom life!

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Emily Watson
Emily Watson
Head of Services
Emily Watson serves as Head of Services at Expectful and has spent years writing about maternal wellness after going through her own fertility, pregnancy, and motherhood journey. She loves inspiring women to lean on their village, believing that motherhood is better when done together. A certified yoga instructor and health coach, she whole-heartedly embraces the Expectful mission.