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The Reality of Breastfeeding

It was two am, and I was silently sobbing as I tried hopelessly to get my daughter to latch. The pain intensified with each try as her tiny body flailed against my chest. Her cries were desperate. She was hungry, and I was failing. Trying to distract myself from the searing pain and screams, my …


Acupuncture and Fertility: Everything You Need To Know

At 8-weeks pregnant, I could just about crawl to the acupuncture office down the street from my New York City apartment. I had been in the throws of morning sickness for weeks and was desperate for any relief I could find.  So I (somehow) made my way over, opened the door, climbed up on the …


Meditation and Loss

My husband Steve and I were so excited for our next adventure with baby number two. The wait for our first appointment felt like an eternity.   But my daily mindful meditation kept me grounded amidst all of the anticipation. For twenty minutes every morning I’d sit and become an observer. Receiving the comfort I needed, …


Embracing My Postpartum Body

I was twelve days postpartum when I had an epic meltdown in my closet. It was my first Mother’s Day, and somewhere along the line, I had naively agreed to eat dinner at my in-laws’ house with the whole family in tow. I decided to dress for the occasion as it probably was not acceptable …


Why You Might Want to Consider a Doula in Your Birth Plan

Ever searched on YouTube for water births videos?  About a month into my pregnancy, I did. I must have binge-watched thirty of the most gentle and touching labors on the internet. And I was completely awe-struck. The tenacity and soulfulness that these mothers brought to their labors was breathtaking. I had never seen anything like …


Emotional Stress During Pregnancy & How to Make It Better

It was a seemingly average day during my second pregnancy. Everything was going well when I opened my email inbox to find a snarky email from a coworker. Typically I would have shaken it off and quickly bounced back to my happy-go-lucky self.  Unfortunately, at 37 weeks pregnant calm, cool, and collected was not my …


My 12-Week Ultrasound: How I Tackled Anxiety Through Meditation

I remember every single doctor’s appointment clearly.  Perhaps it is because I spent three years shuffling from office to office- off and on tables, in and out of stirrups, undressed from the waist down, ready for the next test, the next scan.  It was during this shuffle, as I like to call it, that I …


Your 12-Week Ultrasound: Everything You Need to Know

I had no idea what to expect when it came to my 12-week ultrasound.  Even though I was excited to finally see an image of my daughter, I was also terrified about the possibility of finding out something might be wrong with her.  So, on the day of the scan, I found myself sitting in …

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